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Number 16 about Chang\’s capitalism

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  1. Tim – I really think you should expand and compile all of these little essays into a book. I would buy 5 of them and give them to friends.

    Tim adds: There will definitely be a Kindle version. I agreed that before I started. Could do a print version as well….see how it goes I guess.

  2. I echo Frederick’s comment; I have quite a few friends who would benefit from this.

    On your article: ” You know, the people Chang wants to make all these decisions for the rest of us. They’re no brighter than you or me and almost inevitably less well informed. They also have rather different motivations: one becomes a politician with power by spending inordinate amounts of time working out how to gain and hold on to power. Bad incentives, less information and no greater (at best) mental faculty than the rest of us: their rationality is more bounded than our own.” couldn’t the same be said of the average CEO of a large corporate? Could it be argued that they too are incompatible with markets?

  3. Because people listen to him.

    Richard Murphy has rhetorically asked commenters if they dare to question economic authorities and Chang is amongst them.

  4. @fake

    Because he is at Cambridge University so he cannot be easily dismissed as a nutter.

    And because his book often sits on the bestsellers table in bookshops.

  5. “Because he is at Cambridge University so he cannot be easily dismissed as a nutter. ”
    Said before. Bomb it flat along with the occupants. Bulldoze the rubble. Sew the ground with long life radioactives. Same to Oxford. Then watch the standard of debate & governance improve.

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