We should appalud the well turned insult

A man of modest talent, like her ex-husband Huhne, can be protected by an impenetrable skin of unjustified self-belief.

So much better than those near illiterates who scream tosser, cunt and fuckwit at every passing politician.

7 thoughts on “We should appalud the well turned insult”

  1. I take it that you’ll be going back through your blogs and amending them accordingly then, Tim? 🙂

  2. Lady Archer, who of course knows a tosser, a cunt and a fuckwit when she sees one, coined this elegant put-down when John Major’s infidelity with Edwina Curry was revealed: “I’m appalled at his lack of judgment and her lack of taste.”

  3. Your memory is playing tricks. What she said was less pithy: “I am a little surprised, not at Mrs Currie’s indiscretion but at a temporary lapse in John Major’s taste”

  4. However spoiled by her oh-poor-us quip “Men in high places fear clever women, they do not understand their complexities, nor how it is possible to combine female traits with the kind of ability such men subliminally consider to be male-only territory.” from the wife of a member of Tony Blair’s cabinet. Tony married Cherie, Ed married Yvette, Blunkett was seduced by an ultra-high-flying American and I am sure that if I spent a few minutes I could find more examples of partners who were both clever and cleverer.
    My observation is that men in high office a *less* likely to be afraid of clever women than unsuccessful men.

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