What excellent news this is!

European Union: if the \’outs\’ get their way, we\’ll end up like Ukraine

Slightly poorer perhaps but packed full of good looking women looking for some aging podgy to whisk them away from it all.

There are aspects of the future that are attractive.

3 thoughts on “What excellent news this is!”

  1. Why does Vince hate the City of London so?

    It pays a whopping proportion of the Chancellors income, it is a business in which we have a huge comparative advantage and it provides funds for all other sectors to invest.

    Now that the EU clearly wants to damage it out of a sense of jealous rage, he is siding with them against the interests of the country.

    What he misses is that wide swathes of the country are already like Ukraine, and it is pockets of excellence just like the financial sector that stop us from going down that road.

    Funny that the editors chose Ukraine rather than Turkey for the title. Turkey has long sought EU membership, yet at the point that most of its citizens no longer wish to join, it has become the darling of international investors.

  2. 100 years ago we ruled a quarter of the planet, and now we’re such a pathetic basket case that we need Van Rompuy to tell us what to do? I think not.

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