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Who cares whether this works?

Doctors may warn that processed meat is bad for your health, but one grandmother said it is the reason she has lived to be 105.

Pearl Cantrell, from Richland Springs, Texas, says eating bacon every day is the secret of her long life.

She is so passionate about bacon that she encourages people to eat more of it.

Bacon every day is worth whatever anyway……

20 thoughts on “Who cares whether this works?”

  1. When I saw the phrase “processed meat” I thought it meant Spam or summat. I had no idea bacon counts as “processed”.

    I fancy a bacon butty.

  2. TheJollyGreenMan

    Is it butter or is it margarine that is bad for you this week?

    I keep both in my fridge, next to the eggs, and can change usage at short notice to ensure I am following a healthy diet.

    Stupid fools!

  3. I must say, the reports from the Stones’ concert from the US are extremely satisfying. An insult to government health advisers everywhere.

  4. Remember, a grope in the hand is worth two in the bush…


    Mostly one finds the opposite

  5. I had no idea bacon counts as processed.

    I suppose this is a bit like ‘organic’ food. All food is technically organic. All food not in it’s raw state has been processed.

    That said, I daresay the bright pink wobbly stuff that has been brushed with liquid smoke and then injected with water is worse for you than a lump of meat that has been hacked off a pig, salted, then hung over burning wood shavings for a few hours.

    I’m going to start curing my own bacon. I already cure my own gravlax (which is a piece of piss inter alia, if you like gravlax, make your own, it’s better and about a quarter of the price).

  6. Surreptitious Evil

    Oh, silly. It’s ‘cotton wool’ that comes from sheep. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called ‘wool’, would it?

  7. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, eating a bacon sandwich (containing 50g of bacon) every day increases your lifetime risk of bowel cancer from 5% to 6%. I estimate that it therefore reduces your life expectancy by about one month (that’s on average: if you do die of bowel cancer you lose many years).

    Let’s say you think that a price well worth paying. How many months or years of expected life lost would not be worth it? I’m curious as to how anyone decides on this.

    Me, I don’t know the answer. I like bacon sandwiches, but I don’t want them every day anyway.

  8. @PaulB With yet another mind numbing statistical link.
    What the hell would you have to ‘correct for’, ‘weight’ or otherwise massage, to grind out a figure like 5-6% for one particular food item?
    An organisation that grazes off cancer research money flows? Ri-i-i-i-ght.

  9. BIS, I quite agree with your sentiment. It is outrageous that a cancer research organisation should research the effect of diet on cancer.

  10. Philip Scott Thomas

    Oh, hurrah. PaulB, our sensei of Google Fu, comes along and pisses all over an otherwise fun thread.

    What is it lately with all the po-faced killjoys round here lately? Thank heavens for Ms Grope.

  11. PST: there’s room in this thread for both of us – you like comment flirting, I’m interesting in the perception of risk (and therefore didn’t need to look up that statistic), and thanks to the marvels of the internet we can both get on with it.

  12. Philip Scott Thomas

    Hmm. Resorting to the old pseudo-reasonable passive-aggressive disingenuousness, eh?

    It’s a neat trick. I need to learn that one.

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