Doesn\’t Ritchie know this stuff already?

Law is the foundation of a state.

And the principle that all are equal before the law is the foundation of democracy.

The Guardian reports:

The Ministry of Justice’s budget of £6.8bn in 2014-15 will fall to £6.2bn the following year. Most of the savings appear to come from the courts. The news will dismay lawyers already fighting the latest round of legal aid cuts. That £220m saving in criminal legal aid is included in the chancellor’s figures.

But a proposed saving of £200m in the costs of running the courts – through partial privatisation, efficiency savings or rises in legal fees – emerges for the first time.

So now the law is to be privatised and will only be available to those with wealth.

This is the Tory world view – that the UK is run for the rich.

Err, the commercial courts pretty much are \”privatised\”, in that they pay for themselves from the fees that are charged. And quite how \”efficiency savings\” in the criminal courts are a signal of privatisation I\’m really not sure. Maybe PCS is the union for the court clerks or something?

7 thoughts on “Doesn\’t Ritchie know this stuff already?”

  1. Knee-jerk stupidity

    Singin from the TUC hymn sheet (or should that be song sheet).

    Four legs good, two legs…

  2. Bilbaoboy

    Innate stupidity (as opposed to knee jerk) IMHO – his total lack of historical knowledge really vitiates practically every post on his blog – as I was saying in another thread here, the screen dump of the seven posts showing on his blog at 7am EST yesterday should really be preserved for posterity – each one more idiotic than the last, and giving TIm more ammunition than he could use in a day in his ‘Ragging on Ritchie’ posts here…

  3. “Law is the foundation of a state”

    Interesting statement from someone who has consistently shown a complete disregard for the law in regards to legal tax planning.

    How many times have we read, “It is legal, but…….”

  4. Sorry Tim but I think you have mis-parsed Murphy’s sentence.

    In any case there are / were proposals (leaked in May) to privatise bits of the criminal courts e.g. the buildings or transferring all staff (except judges and magistrates) to the private sector.

  5. “Law is the foundation of a State”

    Odd, I thought Murphy usually said that the State was the foundation of the law (and morality, property, healthcare and everything else; didn’t he once post that he could only go for a walk in the sunshine with his children thanks to beneficient taxes?).

    Surely he isn’t suggesting that there could be law without the State?

  6. I thought it was well-established that the Law is the preserve of the rich and the criminal classes and has been for generations, at least since the creation of legal aid. Richard Murphy – head up his arse? Surely not!

  7. Murph is an idiot who’s understanding of law could fit on a postage stamp, but I do have to take issue with this statement:

    “Err, the commercial courts pretty much are “privatised”, in that they pay for themselves from the fees that are charged.”

    Being a lawyer I can tell you that the fees charged for commercial court don’t cover the costs of running it, in fact it’s not even close. The high court for instance such as the Queens Bench or Chancery division can cost up to 8,000 a day.

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