Err, yes?

The US has reportedly been bugging EU offices in Washington and New York, in the latest in a series of revelations about alleged US spy programs.

Umm, isn\’t that what the US actually pays its spies to do? Their very function? Keep an eye on the country\’s enemies?

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    But you’d need a heart of stone not to feel sorry for the poor boobies who had to monitor this gloop?

  2. The Laughing Cavalier

    Can the intelligence services of the various EU countries (France especially) claim, hands on heart, that they don’t do the same to the USA?

  3. Since when have the EU and the US been ” enemies”? I would have thought this word would be pretty carefully defined, for obvious reasons.

  4. The hegemonic USA doesn’t like the ever-expanding, socialist-leaning EU, and in the EU there is no shortage of leaders who want to create a real ‘union’ simply to aggregate more power whatever the cost. On the BBC website you will note that news regarding Russia is under the EU head. The American nightmare and the Euro-fanatic dream is a new socialist union of Russia, the old Soviet bloc, western European countries all in a real economic, political and military ‘union’. In fact someone has to stop this juggernaut but the reality is, the time-frame to do it is very tight, as extreme short-termism is the rule.
    The UK is there to provide the USA with an influence and a voice in Europe. On the outside, relations are friendly. But the USA considers Europe a threat, and will be more likely to support nationalist movements in European countries. Everyone is deceiving everyone else, but even the best intel can only provide a short duration of very minor advantage. The political battle can more or less ignore these developments.

  5. Skinful Art seems to be nearly as out there as that bloke who provides the Observer with its “scoops”.

    * The US is a long time supporter of the EU, first as a counterweight to Russia, second for bureaucratic convenience.

    * Russia has not applied to join the EU.

    * Despite their socialist inclinations, neither Rumpy nor Barroso have yet murdered any kulaks, to my knowledge.

  6. @ (ros?)-bif,

    If you dig deeper you will find out it’s the sixth and final stage of a reptilian plot led by teh Jews who formed a three-century plan for one world government back in 1750, together with the Freemasons and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Likely at the Bilderberg hotel. The current revelations about US spying on email are just another false-flag event. If we don’t act NOW we will forever have to bow to the communo-fascist yoke.

  7. DBC Reed makes a silly point: the enemies you fear are the countries that might be enemies in the future – which is effectively all of them.

    Anyway, no doubt much US spying is effectively industrial espionage – and everyone is an actual or potential competitor.

  8. Too bad we’re all apparently so good at maths we don’t have any idea about geopolitics, strategy or international relations. To even suggest that such things exist is to avow support for David Icke. I’m clearly a sock puppet for David Icke himself… The absurd conspiracy theory that America might consider other countries a threat to its hegemonic status quo and take an interest in their alliances! The idea is obviously such a risible conspiracy theory it beggars belief. Excuse me for forgetting my tinfoil hat today. Won’t happen again. I understand now, nothing to see here, everything is normal, we should move along… I am a GOOD citizen.

  9. Good to know the spirit of the Cold War is still alive and our American friends are still keeping tabs on the communists.

  10. > Umm, isn’t that what the US actually pays its spies to do? Their very function? Keep an eye on the country’s enemies?

    No, Tim, their function is to do that and not get caught. So they’ve failed.

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