Food while \’untin\’ slags in the \’ore mountains

I can\’t recall the name of the soup, but a rough translation would be \”Czech soup\”.

Which is beef stock, lots of garlic, more garlic, some croutons,
garlic, parsley and garlic. With beef stock and garlic.

Can\’t say I see anything wrong with this cuisine at all.

Might, if not shared, put off the amateurs. But the \’ores* I did meet today seemed just fine with it.



*Cassia, Mala, Scheely, Wolfra, Mola**, they were all there today. Melted by the alium even***.




**Cassiterite, Malachite, Scheelite, Wolframite, Molybdenite. Even, even, get this, Zinnwaldite****. Yes, I was in a mine, which is almost as exciting as meeting five birds who like garlic breath.

 *** And wouldn\’t it be cheaper if ores could be processed with garlic breath. Or even \’ores.

**** Which isn\’t actually used for anything at all even though it could be. Rather the nun of the mica family.

3 thoughts on “Food while \’untin\’ slags in the \’ore mountains”

  1. I hope you liked it. However, to make you feel homesick, I’ve just been to the Scarisbrick Arms in Lancashire. We’ve had an outstanding Portuguese meal courtesy of my friend who used to live in Sutebol (is that right?). And we’ve been promised more of where it came from, off the menu. I think moving to Portugal might be a good thing for you, but sometimes there are real advantages living in the North.

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