HP Sauce With Guinness!

So, I was out and about last week in Germany. And I know that I can only buy HP sauce in Prague here in the Czech Republic. And I didn\’t last time I was there.

So, I\’m ambling about with people who prepare bureaucratic documents and they tell me it\’ll take a couple of hours to sort stuff out that I must then sign. And I\’ve heard that one or other of the main German chains does in fact sell HP.

Hmm. Timmy goes shopping for a couple of hours. Locate the ketchup and BBQ sauce section of the supermarket, scan for HP. A couple of hours to waste, several supermarkets, why not?

And I find HP BBQ sauce: everywhere stocks this. In three or four flavours. Woodsmoke, hot, spicy and so on. But this is not HP. And then, mirabile dictu, one is stocking HP. But it\’s a special version: made with Guinness. Why not? I like Guinness, I like HP, should be great!

It ain\’t, unfortunately. In fact, it\’s shite. If I\’d wanted the boiled dregs of Guinness on my baked beans I\’d have bought the special Marmite. Which is indeed wonderful on toast but not on beans.

By the way, I wouldn\’t want to give the impression that HP is actually necessary for a Brit abroad: just interesting and useful. After all, I\’ve been frying off ham to have with my eggs instead of going to Prague for bacon so no one can say that I\’m not adaptable to foreign cuisine. Still not prepared to have boiled sausages with it though.

6 thoughts on “HP Sauce With Guinness!”

  1. Sorry, can’t work this one out. Guinness: black body, white head. HP square bottle, brown inside…

    You’ll have to give another clue to the conspiracy theorists who are as think as me in a later post, Tim.

  2. ‘The Marmite variations (Guiness, Pedigree) are equally shit’.

    Are we talking Marston’s Pedigree or Pedigree Chum?

  3. The real Holy Grail of True Brit sauces is OK Sauce. Produced in great quantities ,it is impossible to find in UK, except in some Chinese supermarkets ,apparently. I’ve never been able to find one. Roy’s of Wroxham (should be Wroxham of Roy’s ) used to have loads but alas no longer. The truly fruity sauce.

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