I\’m afraid this argument doesn\’t work

The pressures associated with our cost of living is the oft-repeated Abbott siren song, but I recently read a report by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) headlined “Household incomes outpacing the cost of living – but bigger lifestyles and aspirations adding to cost of living pressures”.

What is this report actually trying to tell us – that Australians’ cost of living has not gone up, but that the cost of their lifestyle has? Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, there is a subtle but considerably significant difference between cost of living and cost of lifestyle.

Not in The Guardian at least. For they champion something called the Living Wage. Which takes as its basic point that a living wage, or not being in poverty, is something calibrated to the general lifestyle, not something measured against some unchanging standard of living. So if that general lifestyle goes up then so should everyone\’s incomes.

4 thoughts on “I\’m afraid this argument doesn\’t work”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Is it just me or is anyone actually suprised by this? Western civilisation has worked fairly well up to now on the premise that men will work fairly hard, all the hours that God gave, and in exchange women will sleep with them. In fact I would guess that humans evolved so that men go out and kill mastadons or whatever, and in return women sleep with them.

    If other men are bringing home more bacon, and displaying it prominently, then many men are going to knock themselves out to bring in as much. In the hope that women will continue to sleep with them.

    Now some women are changing their behaviour, but not that many. They still want the man who can kill the most mammoths. So men will continue to push right up against their physical and mental limits in order to impress the gentler sex. The bigger the neighbouring houses, the harder they will work. Simple really.

  2. Quite. What Negus (former Oz 60 Minutes mainstay) is saying is that it isn’t that expensive to live a decent life and have the basics you really need. Which means welfare doesn’t need to be that high if that’s all that’s really important.

  3. So it’s the fault of Australians for wanting a bit more than they’ve got. Yep, got that. And who better to give it to’em straight than a super wealthy current affairs anchor.

    He’s right you know; it’s about time we all stopped crying about our artificial wants and started to accept what we’re told we need. And who better to tell us than the LHTD!!!

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