No, one shouldn\’t, one really shouldn\’t

But one will.


Those Oz kickers, eh?

8 thoughts on “No, one shouldn\’t, one really shouldn\’t”

  1. As an Aussie, have mixed feelings.

    Should have won. Cruel luck with injuries and helped by a ref accustomed to Super 15 interpretations.

    But the Wallabies will take great heart from the game.

    Wallabies have had 2 decent kickers in the last 30 years – Lynagh and Burke, and won 2 World Cups when they were playing. The rest of the time we get by on hackers compared to other NH and SH teams. Don’t know the reason…

    And will Deans swallow his pride and pick Cooper next week…

  2. Adrian @2

    Interesting to hear from an Aussie who watched this game and isn’t just waiting for State of Origin part 2.

  3. Rugby Union is a minor sport in two Australian states, and is not played in the other four states. It’s not a big deal, and we don’t really expect our team to win. Hence Ironman’s comment above about the State of Origin Rugby League games between New South Wales and Queensland, which are a much bigger deal in Australia than is a Lions tour.

    That’s in the two states. In the other four, people are unaware that the Lions tour is taking place, and are often unaware that Rugby Union and Rugby League are different games.

    All that said, it would be nice if Australian players (in either form of Rugby) could learn to kick goals. I doubt it will happen, though.

    On the other hand, Australians do expect to win at cricket. The likely result of the coming Ashes series really will hurt.

  4. In the other four, people are unaware that the Lions tour is taking place…

    Not this time around…it’s been advertised very well by FoxTel, and there was no shortage of coverage and advertising of the tour in Melbourne. Foxtel even delayed the broadcast of the first Origin match in Victoria in order to show the Lions vs Western Force match.

  5. Offshore Observer

    It is interesting that in a country where one of the biggest games is Australian Rules Football we can’t seem to get a single AFL player to convert to Rugby. After all AFL is about kicking the ball through the posts, which is something that the wallabies seem unable to do.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game and in all honestly was pretty impressed that the wallabies didn’t get the complete stuffing that on paper they deserved.

    On the bright side a lost series is likely the end of Deans as the coach.

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