One shouldn\’t laugh about mental illness

But by God sometimes there\’s a temptation:

Suicide notes were found with the bodies of a couple who took their own lives last week, police sources said.

Lynne Rosen, 46, and John Littig, 48, who worked as \’happiness gurus\’ and motivational speakers, allegedly left two notes at their home in Brooklyn, New York.

14 thoughts on “One shouldn\’t laugh about mental illness”

  1. The Pedant-General

    Reminds me of the character description of most call centre operators.

    “You have a lovely bright personality, enjoy helping people and providing solutions and are a 50 cent cab ride from taking your own life”

  2. A lot of people in the happiness field, just as with the self-help crowd, are people who personally struggle with life and depression. That is why they go into those fields. (Same with psychotherapists , most of them have, or had, mental health problems too.)

    When they write their books and give their lectures they are trying to convince themselves as well as their audience. It is a lifelong battle for many of them. Thats why I always kind of feel for these people, even the ones who are spouting nonsense and doing damage.

  3. Very true. Anyone trying to deal with ‘happiness’ on some quantified level is still trying to work out what it is and how to get it.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t say all. Its like the psychic field. Lots of true believers in there, but the big ones right at the top are fake-a-rooonies.

  5. @1 PG

    By call centre ‘operators’ I assume you mean the staff who answer the phone as distinct from the companies that operate them?

    Can you source that quote. I’ve worked in and owned call centres for 20 years and never heard it before.

  6. You may be amused to know that according to their website their last project was entitled, “Why Not Now?”. Also, by the quotation on the front page-

    “It’s always too early to quit.”

  7. Julia-

    “I can’t help but wonder… two notes? One each?”

    One was a lengthy explanation for why they had decided to end it all. The other one read, “don’t listen to him, he’s a nut”.

  8. The Pedant-General


    Satirical piece from way back when – will struggle to find source but it made me laugh at the time.

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