Put not your trust in Julian Assange

He seems to have fucked over Edward Snowden right royally:

The plan to spirit the surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden to sanctuary in Latin America appeared to be unravelling on Friday, amid tension between Ecuador\’s government and Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

President Rafael Correa halted an effort to help Snowden leave Russia amid concern Assange was usurping the role of the Ecuadoran government, according to leaked diplomatic correspondence published on Friday.

Amid signs Quito was cooling with Snowden and irritated with Assange, Correa declared invalid a temporary travel document which could have helped extract Snowden from his reported location in Moscow.

Correa declared that the safe conduct pass issued by Ecuador\’s London consul – in collaboration with Assange – was unauthorised, after other Ecuadorean diplomats privately said the WikiLeaks founder could be perceived as \”running the show\”.

This is after Wikileaks \”escorted\” Snowden out of Hojng Kong. Leaving him in the transit area of an airport in Moscow. Now entirely without documents valid for travel anywere. His US passport withdrawn.

Thanks Julian, you\’re a real mate.

13 thoughts on “Put not your trust in Julian Assange”

  1. Tim, I guess based on your personal experience you could do some humanitarian work here.

    Provide some pro-bono consultancy to Mr Snowden on how one might make the most of several years in the Sheremetyevo airport transit area.

  2. Rather put not your trust in some Latin America banana republic or our own governments.

    Assange was understandably trying to help Snowden, not usurp the Ecuadorian government. That Snowden now languishes in limbo is allegedly down to the Latin American temperament and ego of it’s leader being so upset at the fact that the documents were issued by a London diplomat.

    The more likely reality is that the US just made a cash offer he could not refuse in return for a 2 for 1 Assange/Snowden deal.

  3. A travel document (e.g. passport) is a proof of who you are. The USA may withdraw his passport but Snowden remains the same person as everyone knows. I find it hard to believe that the Russians and Ecuadorians are being so petty about his documentation, unless it’s an excuse. (Which of course it is.)

  4. When you sup with the Devil, etc.

    I’m not sure I understand the hero worship of either of these two characters. I’m all for whistle-blowing and transparency and embarrassing over-mighty governments, but these two aren’t exactly innocent victims of nasty regimes.

  5. Snowden’s crucial mistake was running away. Should have handed himself in and challenged the US government to find a jury willing to convict him under those circumstances.

  6. Amid this midst of amids, I’m not convinced this is Assange’s fault. Narcissistic twerp, he may be, but the reaction of this Correa pill is scarcely less so.

  7. It’s not in Assange’s power. He was no doubt given assurances (or if that’s too strong, he was reassured) about Ecuador’s commitment to support Snowden. In addition, the government of Ecuador has issued very firmly worded statements about its willingness to entertain Snowden’s asylum application.

    I suspect that the real issue here is that someone has cold feet. Putin hinted that Snowden might be a Trojan horse (the ‘shearing a piglet’ comment) or just a waste of time (a fish too small with too little news to tell). Either way, it would be more cost than benefit to a country like Ecuador. Unlike Assange. We know Assange is sitting on a lot of information he has so far not disclosed, and this guarantees his protection and his value.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    President Rafael Correa halted an effort to help Snowden leave Russia amid concern Assange was usurping the role of the Ecuadoran government, according to leaked diplomatic correspondence published on Friday.

    So Correa is such a shameless media tart that he would let Snowden suffer rather than allow Assange to steal the media limelight?

    They are such a bunch of sh!t. They all deserve each other.

  9. Well, yesterday’s papers here (next door to Ecuador) were full of a statement by Barry O’Barmy to the effect that if Ecuador gave Snowden asylum, the consequences for Ecuador / US relations would be bleak.

  10. DPs (displaced persons) got passports. Even if after a war noone knew where they were really from.
    Everyone knows where Snowden is from. (errr… Hawaai?)
    Plain as daylight he is being downloaded by the FSB.

  11. In conjunction with Skillful Art’s comment above, I’d go with BiF. Depending on his access, a full debrief could give the FSB a wealth of context/confirmation of other intelligence. Amusingly, looking at the Observer story posted on above, wouldn’t put it past them sharing some of the product with European agencies, just to stir the pot. Can see why someone might have had a quiet word with Snr Correa.

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