Sellafield nuclear waste

Before everyone gets hyper about this:

The nuclear company Sellafield Ltd has been fined £700,000 and ordered to pay more than £72,000 costs for sending bags of radioactive waste to a landfill site.

The bags, which contained waste such as plastic, tissues and clothing, should have been sent to a specialist facility that treats and stores low-level radioactive waste, but management and operational failings led to them being sent to Lillyhall landfill site in Workington, Cumbria.

Amount of harm done to anyone:  zero. Potential harm done to anyone or the environment. Zero.

When talking about low level waste we\’re talking about something marginally more radioactive than Cornwall.

The real problem here was the system: this waste should not have been sent to where it was. Thus the fines. On the \”what the fuck are you playing at?\” basis, not the actual danger.

2 thoughts on “Sellafield nuclear waste”

  1. As I understand the Gospel according to St Regulation, “low level nuclear waste” may be defined as anything that has been on/near/vaguely related to a “nuclear facility”. However, once the Green Gestapo get the bit between their teeth, the “reality gap” is wider than the English Channel!

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