So, fixing this blog then

I\’ve no idea how to do it. The comments section that is.

Some of you seem to think you know what\’s going wrong. Anyone want to have access to try and sort it out?

28 thoughts on “So, fixing this blog then”

  1. I’m not overly familiar with WordPress, but here goes:

    The problem is two conflicting character encodings. The HTML header claims that the text is in UTF-8. However the server issues a HTTP header claiming that the text is in ISO-8859-1.

    It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as it’s consistent. If you only have access to the HTML template, change line 4 to read:

    Conversely, if you only have access to the server’s settings, locate the “Content-Type” setting and change it from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.

    The latter is the preferred solution, since UTF-8 is generally better than the alternatives.

    Tim adds: There is no file called “html template”.

  2. Oops, part of my comment got swallowed. I should have expected that. One more time:

    If you only have access to the HTML template, change line 4 to read (between the angled brackets):
    meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1″ /

  3. I suspect this can be fixed in wp-settings.php or possibly wp-config.php – files you should be able to find in your wordpress directory. (It’s to do with multi-byte strings.)

    If you send me the files I’ll have a look.

    (The wp-config file has got a database password in it. You might want to send a copy with the password edited out (eg using Notepad)).

    Tim adds: Nope, can’t find either of those files.

  4. Sign in to Dasboard>Appearances>Editor, and on the right is a list of files. Click the ones you want and copy and paste what appears in the window into an editor like notepad. Send to PaulB

    Tim adds: But the ones he wants aren’t there!

  5. Oops, sorry. Those files are in the root install, so you’ll need FTP or Control Panel to get in.

  6. ….Or get yourself hosted by bluehost and they will sort it out for you in minutes, free of charge day or night….
    Wonderful people!
    Patient beyond belief with geriatric bloggers marooned in foreign speaking countries with no IT expert on hand…..
    Trust me, I am that person!

  7. Your theme, cutline 3 column etc, is very old and doesn’t appear to be maintained any more. Why not just install a new theme? As WordPress keeps developing and you keep updating it (I see you’re using 3.5.1 which is current, so assume you click to update) an unsupported theme will break sometime anyway.

  8. Yes, I would like to help. I m trustworthy and knowledgeable and an expert at this sort of thing. And did I mention that I’m trustworthy, totally trustworthy

  9. This is what happens when the tax avoiders win. Because the government can’t invest in vital public services like wordpress templates, the kind of market failure we see here happens.

    I have warned about this before. As usual I’m right.

    Looks like I need to write another book about how we need more HMRC staff – available on Amazon soon.

  10. I like the consistent UTF-8 and lack of wierdness whenever anyone types a quote.

    I also like the lack of ads, though I know that won’t last 🙂

  11. “I also like the lack of ads, though I know that won’t last ”


    ?1 = ¥1.63,
    £1 = €1.17

    Would you look at that?

  12. Not a great fan of the new theme, it’s a bit cramped or something. Still, it’s nice that now everything’s working prope

  13. Late to the party, but “what Andrew M said” – encoding mismatches. Bet $10 that was the underlying problem. This is what happens when you diverge from the One True Way of 7-bit ASCII, grumble mutter.

  14. Hate the new look but then I hated the old one too 😉

    Surely you can get a nice theme from WordPress.

    I know your name is not Shirley.

  15. It seems to be working. Previously, when I opened the site, my browser (Google Chrome) would tell me that the encoding was “Western ISO-8859-1”, and certain characters were corrupt. (Certain printed characters, I mean; not characters like politicians, which we know are corrupt). Now it tells me that the encoding is “Unicode UTF-8”, which is what I had to change it to for it to display properly. So you appear to have fixed it.

  16. A vast improvement; many thanks from your loyal readers. You might want to put your ads back in though; it’s nice to be paid to write.

  17. Some observations on the new theme. Italics are less easy to read than normal text and, as the quotes are clearly delineated by the grey line at the side and indented I’m not sure any further differentiation is needed. Reading the blog on Feedly there are no italics and it looks fine. Quote text is larger (18pt) than the body text (14pt) which stikes me as a bit back to front. I don’t particularly like Helvetica, you used Trebuchet MS before, but I think it would work better if body size was increased to 16pt and quote text reduced to 14 or 15pt and ditch the italics. Just my thoughts.

  18. The redesign is looking better and better, but may I ‘umbly suggest that the font size in the left and right columns could be a bit smaller?

    No? I’ll get me coat.

  19. The site is now fixed and good and proper. Just stick another text widget on the right sidebar to get some more advertising from MessageSpace and it will be perfect.

  20. I will always remember and cherish the memory of the two days when Tim Worstall’s blog wasn’t a horrible shade of green.

  21. All we need now’s a preview button for comments.

    The encoding mismatch in the old blog was even more rum than at first glance. The HTML pledged charset UTF-8 in the META tag but the server sent a Content-Type header of ISO-8859-1 (i.e. Latin 1) which overrides the HTML. However the comments, well the comments sent Windows-1252. It was very odd.

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