Richard Murphy says:
June 25 2013 at 4:08 pm

I presume I’m bugged

My wife reckons that if I’m not the security services will have lost all their bias

You what?

13 thoughts on “Splort”

  1. Not sure why Ritchie needs to be bugged as pretty much his every utterance is tweeted, blogged or broadcast over the radio & TV airwaves.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    He is just so delusional that really the medical profession needs to be involved. Seriously. This is not a sign of a health mind.

  3. I don’t think the comparison should be between LHTD and Kevin Rudd, but with Harold Wilson.

    Although Harold was never potty, deluded, ignorant and arrogant all in the same breath as Ritchie is…

  4. So Much for Subtlety (#2) – I couldn’t comment on this yesterday due to ongoing technical issues with Tim’s blog but I have to agree with your assessment- going on to the TRUK website yesterday morning (for the first time in about two months) I saw seven posts that really were, even by his standards, evidence of a paranoid, conspiracy theorist mindset, and arguments in the comments section that revealed an even greater degree of self- absorption and narcissism than had been evidenced previously

    I think he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown based on what I’m reading….

  5. I really wouldn’t be all that surprised if Ritchie was actually right on this one. The security services certainly monitor/bug extremists, Nazis, and so-on. As the leading advocate of Nazism in this country a the moment, he’s probably on their list.

  6. Dave: He’s only a fascist through ignorance, not through malice. I suspect if his policies were implemented he’d be horrified at the results, although no doubt he’d blame it on something else.

  7. Matthew>

    I’m not quite sure. I find it far easier to believe he’s a clever Nazi, following the propagandists handbook to the letter, than that he’s accidentally lucked into perfect techniques through sheer stupidity. There’s something of a middle-ground possibility, though, where he’s chosen Nazism as his focus because he doesn’t think it’ll ever take off here in any big way, so he can keep going with the moneyspinning bile and hatred even though if he was actually successful in bringing about a new Holocaust he’d be surprised and appalled.

    Whichever way it is, though, the security services are concerned with what he says and does, not what he thinks. Even if he doesn’t really want a Nazi regime here, he’s still the number one cheerleader for it.

  8. If he is being bugged by the security services it will be out of sheer idle curiosity and so that they’ve go something to laugh at in their quieter moments.

    “if his policies were implemented he’d be horrified at the results, although no doubt he’d blame it on something else.”

    Like all socialists he would fall back on excuse 101 and claim his policies haven’t been implemented properly or 102 it was the Americans wot made them fail.

  9. I knew it! They’ve got identical smug punchability. We’re through the looking glass here, people…

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