The Daily Mail might want to change this

In the past century, the Earth\’s temperature has risen by 6C.

We\’ve all boiled already then.

10 thoughts on “The Daily Mail might want to change this”

  1. It is quite easy if you choose your start and end-points carefully. Round here the temperature has risen 6C since midnight.
    Probably a bit more difficult to do that for the earth as whole but since landmasses are not symmetrically distributed you should get a measurable differential between 2am and 2pm GMT.

  2. Matthew has it, I think: they missed out a decimal point.

    I did the same thing a week ago, preparing a client’s accounts. If I hadn’t subbed myself, the client would have funded the NHS this year.

  3. Mmmm, but will it attract more illegal immigrants? Can it give you cancer? How will it affect the value of the homes of middle-class families? That’s what the Mail’s readers want to know.

  4. I think that many people who hear about global warming do think that the temperature has probably risen by something like 6C.

    Tell them that it is 0.6C and they would just laugh and ask you what the hell you are worrying about.

  5. TheJollyGreenMan


    I agree with you. Perhaps the journalists writing the story, remembering all the scary stories he was told at school and journalism school looked at 0.6 and said to himself, surely this is a mistake. it must be much, much more!

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