The Norfolk Fascist Cries Fascism!

What J P Morgan is making clear is that ‘socialist’ inclinations must be removed from political structures; localism must be replaced with strong, central, authority; labour rights must be removed, consensus (call it democracy if you will) must cease to be of concern and the right to protest must be curtailed. This is an agenda for hard right, corporatist, centrist government. There’s another word for that, and it’s what the bankers seem to want.

You have been warned. Amazingly, they had the nerve to issue the warning.

This is Ritchie\’s complaint about a report from JP Morgan on the eurozone economic and political problems. They\’re calling for fascism…..something that we all rather correlate with The Courageous State but leave that aside for a moment.

This is what he\’s actually complaining about:

At the start of the crisis, it was generally assumed that the national legacy problems were economic in nature. But, as the crisis has evolved, it has become apparent that there are deep seated political problems in the periphery, which, in our view, need to change if EMU is going to function properly in the long run.

Note that Morgan is not actually saying that they think these things are a good idea per se. They don\’t recommend changes in these areas because they\’d like to be the boot stamping on a human face, forever (unilke some retired accountants of our aquiantance). No, they say that these things must happen if the Euro is going to work.

That is, the fascism is being imposed by Brussels. Or at the very least, that these are necessary preconditions of the plans being imposed by Brussels.

The EU, a fascist dictatorship. I assume the Murph will now come out, vehemently, against the EU and the Euro. Assuming that if can manage to get his three brain cells around the logical concept of \”If A is the goal, then B must happen first\”.

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  1. I seem to recall that RM isn’t all that in favour of localism when the locals somewhere decide to have a nice low corporate tax environment, such as the Channel Islands do. Then its a case of plenty of strong central control, and the Iron Fist in the Iron Glove, to be wielded by himself, naturally.

  2. I thought Richard was very anti-EU from a conversation I had with him on twitter.

    I was saying something about Google probably being within the intention of the law and he informed me that “apartheid was once legal”.

    When I suggested that the EU was a bit more democratic than apartheid, I believe his response was “hardly”.

  3. I seem to remember that there was a country which conformed exactly to those conditions RM inveighs against. A country that helped fund some of the most militant, non-consensual unions one could imagine. Now, let me see, where was that? It was a country shepherded by a benevolent presence, who only killed by starvation and the bullet 30 000 000 or so of his country men, who was so paranoid he shot the entire officer corps of his army just before a war, who was widely regarded a benign ruler by many a grateful, formerly independent, country in Eastern Europe. Ah yes, I remember….The only thing is, I don’t remember it being described as ‘fascist’.

  4. You need to hang your subbies, worstall.

    1 *acquaintance
    2 Murphy doesn’t sing the EU’s praises
    3 Murphy is not a retired chartered accountant.

    Talk about the shits leading the shits.

  5. Not that I agree with Ritchie (I read his blog once – enough), but the JP Morgan thing is bollocks. It’s this lazy southerners crap, completely ignoring facts about who was most in debt. There’s just as much political change needed in Germany as the southern countries (bar Greece) to make the thing work. And yes, this does mean that I am agreeing with t’blogger that the Euro was doomed from the start.

  6. Tim – I made a vain attempt to put it in terms his rather dull mind could understand that what the report (or the section the link was quoting) was implying was that the only way the Eurozone could survive in its current form was that the tendencies of strong regions overriding the centre and weak executives within the periphery of it be suppressed – it didn’t say that that was the best course of action – but of course his paranoid mindset basically simply said ‘you’re wrong’ in as many words.

    Arnald, you’re right in that Murphy has been critical of the EU in the past, but what Tim is pointing out is that the Cause of this is the EU and its approach to the Eurozone: ‘Save it at all costs’ , rather than JPM being the cause, which is what RM’s entry seems to imply. As he says – nowhere on Murphy’s blog is that made clear, which suggests either (charitably) he forgot to mention it, or (more likely) his conspiracy theorist mind has got hold of the wrong end of the stick once again.

  7. Van_Patten

    I don’t think it’s so much that he’s a conspiracy theorist, it’s more that it gave him his narrative and the truth is always then less important than that.
    It’s another way in which the inner faascist always seems to find expression.

  8. Ironman

    I see what you’re saying, definitely – also saw his absurd riposte to your quite legitimate comments on the later post about the ‘JPM state’, which deserve wider circulation – how he has the temerity to condemn anyone for abuse is quite staggering to behold – he is one of the most evil people in contemporary British politics certainly.

  9. Van

    To be fair, I was being facetious. However, the long and heartfelt essay from his friend Philip really should indeed be circulated widely.

  10. Ironman

    You’re not wrong – as was evident from your quite excellent riposte to Philip, the either total lack of historical knowledge or decision to ignore the former Soviet bloc and contemporary examples such as Zimbabwe and North Korea are characteristics of much of Murphy’s (and in this case his adulatory follower Philip) output – we see it (happily quite rarely) on here from the main ‘troll’ (to use a ‘Murphism’) – naïveté combined with historical ignorance and a mindless belief that somehow this time it will be different.

  11. You know, I don’t give them the benefit of doubt and accept they are naïve. A true marxist, Eric Hobsbawm, Ken Loach, is a priest of a religious cult. For them everything, absolutely everything, must exist to serve the religion. So we have Marxist economists, marxists historians, marxist geographers and so on. Everything they do must be to arrive at the conclusion that marxism provides the answer. So they corrupt facts into propaganda (to steal from David Pryce-Jones). Both Loach and Hobsbawm tell their uncritical followers that World War II was an heroic socialist fight against fascism. The treasonous marxist neutrality following the Soviet-Nazi pact is necessarily forgotten. Similarly Ritchie and his fellow marxists/fascists simply will not accept the appalling, disgusting history of those marxist states I mentioned.
    They will call their analysis of history “a marxist perspective”; I call it a lie.
    They are liars, that’s all.

  12. Van_Patten

    Further to my ‘liars’ accusation, I re-read down your thread on Ritchie’s blog. Sure enough there is some marxist called ‘Frank Zappia’ trying to concoct a narrative that European project and the Euro was all a clever capitalist plot to create a new world order. The left has abandoned the project and so history must be re-written to hide the facts.

  13. Ironman

    The Zappla post is bizarre but then much Marxist thought is to me(no doubt they would claim I am, like you, in possession of a ‘false consciousness’) – and you are right they certainly have form in rewriting the historical record. Whilst we’re on the two blog entries, did you see Philip’s rather ridiculous riposte to your argument – apparently the experiences you had in Zimbabwe ‘ couldn’t happen here’ – no doubt those Zimbabweans who have suffered expropriation thought the same in 1981. The level of wilful historical ignorance beggars belief.

  14. “Couldn’t happen here”

    So the list of countries supplied wasn’t wide enough to demonstrate that it could happen absolutely anywhere?

    On the subject of weak replies: Ritchie’s response to you was bad even by his standards.

    Anyway, we both now have enough material on marxist behaviour from one little exchange on his blog to teach generations if we wished.

  15. Van_Patten (and indeed all intelligent life forms)

    If you wish to carry on the conversation, I’m more than happy. We will need to ignore the two-year old in our midst. I guess I should have done so from the start.

  16. Are any of the regular contributors to his blog (the sympathetic ones) employed productively? In terms of the response, I very rarely write on the blog – this particular entry grabbed my attention and as I guessed, his response was incomprehensible and as I am defined as a ‘troll’ debate, as seems to be the case in the Courageous State generally, is only permitted on his terms…

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