The vast joy of the Observer\’s front page story

Over here.

Really very amusing: they\’ve taken down as being possibly untrue a stroy that appears to be largely true on the basis that the source is a loon. Even if this tiome he\’s telling, largely, the truth.

8 thoughts on “The vast joy of the Observer\’s front page story”

  1. Didn’t the Daily Sport say that no matter what anyone tells them they would print it because it is “news”. So busses on the moon from nutters are valid stories as much as this one.

  2. Nah. By Grauniad standards those stories aren’t particularly left field. Must be another reason.

  3. Hitler’s Dairy? If they’ve got his ice-cream it could be a real scoop.

    But we shouldn’t be too hard on the Observer. I hear they’re working on a shocking story about illegal gambling at Rick’s Café.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    The author of the piece is Wayne Madsen, an antisemitic conspiracy theorist.

    They’ll be wanting him for their management team then.

    He certainly would fit in with their editorial staff. Hi Seamus if you’re reading.

  5. ” ice cream … a real scoop” … hahahahahahahaha

    thank you for sending me off to bed and into the week with a smile on my face

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