This is a lovely attempt by the enviroloonies

Pet-coke is made up almost entirely of carbon, which means that it produces more greenhouse gas emissions than tar sands oil or even coal if it is used for electricity.

Umm, no, no, it doesn\’t mean that at all.

Sure, burning one tonne of pure carbon will produce more CO2 than burning 1 tonne of coal which might only be 90% carbon.

But you\’ll also get more energy out of burning 1 tonne of pure carbon than you will out of burning something that is only 90% carbon. Indeed, you\’ll get more useful energy as well: because you\’re not having to use up energy to heat up that 10% that isn\’t carbon: the alumino silicates and iron that end up as fly ash for example.

Think it through: what produces more CO2 per unit of electricity produced, burning lignite or anthracite? Which contains more carbon, lignite or anthracite?

Quite, the higher carbon material produces less CO2 per unit of electricity produced.

So it is true that burning one tonne of pet-coke does produce more CO2: but it\’s a horribly misleading way of putting it.

3 thoughts on “This is a lovely attempt by the enviroloonies”

  1. Being horribly misleading is the Guardian’s intent.

    It has dwindled down to a hardcore of readers that *wants* to be horribly misled. For them, this article has everything except tearful wolf cries about racism – it has the evil Koch brothers, funders of ‘ultraconservative’ groups, saintly lefties, dirty nasty industry attacking Gaia for profit, the salty tang of moral self satisfaction. What’s not to like, for a Guardianista?

    Grown men and women who pay good money to read the utterings of public school educated communists and Tuscan villa-owning socialists ought to be drowned like unwanted cats. It’s kinder that way, in the long run.

  2. By the same argument High Fructose Corn Syrup is better for you than sucrose, because HFCS tastes sweeter per gram.

    Since the objections to HFCS seem to be quasi-religious, then presumably I’ve just committed crime think.

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