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On health inequality

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  1. Twisting of stats is the SOP of the puritans to hide the fact that their methods don’t actually work or do anything as they can’t actually change general human behaviour to their moral code, but they still need to try and persuade the PTB that the laws etc should be changed to their whims.

  2. What is the effect of chronic vitamin D deficiency on life expectancy? Everyone in Glasgow is deficient in winter, most in summer (can’t be arsed to find source, but there’s bugger all sun in summer, let alone winter). And is the great Mediterranean diet effect just a result of the sun shining there?

    Scandis? Good question. Lots of fish, enough money to have a winter break (summer too), and less cloud in the summer? Don’t know, but worth looking into.

    Ps, can’t post at ASI. You and Mr Dillow get most of your comments through innate brilliance, but some because the blog lets you post.

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