Gadgets for online gaming

Smartphones have become the most preferred type of phone today. Not only do they receive calls but they can also perform many tasks that were previously restricted to computers, all from a device that fits right in your pocket. Online gaming is one of the most common uses for smartphones. In fact, each time a new device is released, it is analyzed for its capability to run online games. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular phones out today and is well respected as an online gaming gadget.

There are many features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that make it an ideal gadget for online gaming. The display screen is fully HD compatible and measures in at five inches. long with that is its fast processor which is a quad core. The RAM within this phone is an impressive 2 GB which is double the needed amount for gaming. As games continue to evolve, this phone can keep up. If gaming on the go, you needn’t worry about getting the phone wet. Another great benefit of this phone is that its body is fully waterproof. During the winter months, gaming can be accomplished quite easily thanks to the increased sensitivity of the touch screen. This means you don’t have to remove your gloves to play.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can access the numerous Android online casinos such as Lucky Nugget casino. Slot machines are fun to play with the touchscreen. Many five reeled slot machine games can be accessed. Thunderstruck is a game with nine paylines. It also provides additional bonus features that provide free spins. Tomb Raider is a slot machine game that was inspired by the fictional character, Laura Croft. It has more paylines than Thunderstruck with 15. With Tomb Raider, activating additional paylines can increase one’s chance of winning. Like Thunderstuck, Tomb Raider also comes with a free spin bonus game.

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