Watch how this story morphs

Pharmaceutical firms appear to have rigged the market in so-called \”specials\” – prescription drugs that are largely not covered by national NHS price regulations.

It\’s the manufacturers/distributors of these \”specials\” that are running the alleged con. Small firms that no one has ever heard the name of.

I\’d give it two days, no more, before we start hearing about how Big Pharma is ripping off the NHS.

Amazing how reality can morph for political reasons…….

2 thoughts on “Watch how this story morphs”

  1. It’s no wonder that so many people get worse/die when in the hands of the medical profession. If they can’t work out how to do their accounts, how the blazes are they going to be able to work out what date expired, iffy floor sweepings have gone into these products from grubby back street manufacturers. Big-pharm may be expensive, but they do have a reputation to maintain and good profit margins to protect for shareholders.
    Now I know why my local chemist looked a little shifty when I asked why my regular drug was delivered in 4 different manufacturers boxes…

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