Well, that\’s that then

“The Duchy does not pay corporation tax or capital gains tax for the simple reason it is not a corporation. The Prince voluntarily pays income tax at the 50 per cent rate, after his official expenses and costs have been deducted. We will be more than happy to explain this.”

Won\’t stop Margaret, Lady Hodge, from grandstanding but then that\’s what politicians do, eh?

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  1. Tim

    The values in planning position dwarf Prince Charles’ tax bills. I agree with your previous post advocating more “planning permission chittys” to counter these monopolistic position that create this “value”.

    In York, I have made a proposal to issue lots and lots more “planning permission chittys”. See a plan for York.

    Since I made this proposal, York Council has issued it’s draft plans for 22,000 new homes in York, which gives away planning permission worth about £1 billion because planning permission for a new home in York is worth about £50k.

    This amounts to more than £5,000 for every citizen of York. I believe only a few people control the land, which has been allocated under the draft plans, enabling monopolistic prices to be extracted

    The amazing thing is that hardly anyone has noticed.

    Perhaps Margaret, Lady Hodge, should ask the beneficiaries of this largesse and York Council to appear before her committee.

    P.S. Apologies for posting in the wrong place earlier.

  2. Interesting bit from the linked article as Ms Hodge plays the “gosh” card:

    Margaret Hodge, the chairman of the MPs’ committee, said today: “Several members of the public have raised with us their concerns that the Duchy of Cornwall may be engaged in tax avoidance on the basis that it does not pay corporation tax. This is a serious and legitimate question, particularly in the current climate, and one that we are keen to put to representatives of the Duchy.”

    Can she quantify the term “several”? One assumes that is more than one and less than forty (then she could use the term “scores”). One wonders if Ms Hodge would apply the same “gosh” mode if “several” members of the public asked the committee to look into the tax arrangements of say Stemcor.

  3. What members of the public raise their concerns directly to a Select Committee? Does she mean those included in the call for evidence or the average Joe in the street? If I write to the Education Committee about some rowdy children on my road will they open a new Inquiry for me?

  4. anything that stops the Hodgemistress from getting the committee to do what it is set up to do – ie review government spending/investment (surely all Brown’s investments must be cash-positive by now!) – is grist to her mill.

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