What fun with Murphybollocks

Cadbury’s has evaded its obligations even if it only avoided tax: that is the corruption to which I refer.

It is this corruption that has to be fought in the corporate culture of the UK – which I am quite sure has not yet changed.

And this too is why country-by-country reporting is so important: if this had been in place as I have suggested it then much of this activity would have been exposed because intra-group trading and financing across borders would all have to be on the record in country-by-country reporting. That’s why we need it now.

My mole in the tax office sends an interesting point. The \”tax abuse\” that Cadbury was doing has to have been between two UK subsidiaries. That\’s the only way that such a scheme could actually deliver any tax savings. So, given that it has to be UK to UK then country by country reporting will have absolutely no effect on it whatsoever.

And yes, it is amusing when it\’s the tax office which is correcting Murph on taxes.

13 thoughts on “What fun with Murphybollocks”

  1. According to the FT article, quoted directly by Ritchie, it is indeed a loan between UK subsidiary companies. So no, country-by-country doesn’t help at all here.
    The proof of this this I tried to point it out to him and he just won’t let me post on his site. Fraud!

  2. Ironman – I do love his obsession with transparency, given that he

    – deletes any comments he doesn’t like
    – cites papers as evidence to support his assertions without mentioning that he wrote them
    – quotes other organisations as approving of his ideas without saying that he advises them
    – says he works for an LLP that is essentially just him (plus a partner who does either virtually nothing or a huge amount, depending on who’s asking)
    – has founded a new independent organisation, which turns out to consist of himself and a “lead researcher” who actually works for the TJN (and apparently has no other researchers to be leading, though it’s hard to tell)
    – thinks that “We’ll file accounts in 2 years’ time” is a full and frank answer to who funds him

    and so on.

    He does occasionally mention in passing that he works for the TUC and so on, I’ll grant him that.

  3. Matthew L:

    Don’t make me snort noisily when minions/wage slaves/colleagues or whatever are passing my office door please

  4. Incidentally, Tim asking for help to sort out the old site must have been a wind-up. This one must have been ready to go.

    Got to admire the chutzpah!

  5. Never feel sorry for him, he is at heart a nasty man, with nasty intentions. I shudder to think where he would end up if given any real power.

  6. @bilbaoboy

    The help request was to fix the broken comments, and a poster suggested updating the wordpress theme. From experience you can do this in minutes. TW has obviously then tweaked the colouring back to green.

  7. David Moore (#11) that’s coming with his position in the Miliband government – start shivering!

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