And this surprises how many adults?

The art of peacocking: Men behave better in front of women (and the hotter the woman, the more good deeds they will do)

Men use good deeds as a way to attract women, new research shows
They do more, and larger, good deeds when a woman is watching them
The more attractive they rate the woman, the more they try and impress
Women\’s good deeds are not affected whichever sex is observing
Men compete with each other to \’outdo\’ each others good deeds

You can pretty much build the entire gender difference in behaviour out of those few observations.

15 thoughts on “And this surprises how many adults?”

  1. No, it’s not always so. When I was younger, walking around London with my gf I would be approached by street beggar after street beggar aggressively asking for change. Some of them would peddle the ’embarrassed gentleman’ line. They all thought they would have a good chance of weaseling a pound or so out of me just because I was with a woman. I suppose it was good thinking on their part because in those days more people had more disposable income, and beggars were pitied. However, I would never cave in or give them a penny. Professional, manipulative bastards.

  2. Total bollocks. Learned years ago, The more one behaves like a total shit the greater the chances. The hotter the women the better it works.
    Coz everyone else is doing the other thing & the hotter women get more of it.

  3. Yes, the white knight types, then are are those who dont give a dam and if successful their lives do the talking. Whilst women try to outdo other women with back stabbing, bitchiness and feelings of superiority over less attractive females in the constant competition to be the prize.

  4. None of the above, haha!

    They’re measuring our society, at this moment in time, in the 21st century, probably middle class, probably students I bet.

    We live in a morally matrist society; that is, some time around 1830, a bit before, and a bit afterwards, thereabouts, upper class women devised a new role for themselves in the new class structure. Their husbands were business leaders, political leaders, generals etc. What for the women to do, after ordering the servants about ceases to be fun?

    The women decided to spend their husbands’ money on good works. On being moral leaders. It was a hugely successful strategy. At least, as a way of staving off boredom.

    So, men got trained to seek the moral approval of women; at least, in the upper classes. And we still do it to this day. Women dominate the moral sphere of the Anglosphere. So, when a male (in those classes at least) wants to impress a lady, he displays exaggerated moral virtue. Or tries to. Hence, the “white knight” phenomenon.

    Women don’t bother, because it’s already taken as given that they’re up on the pedestal.

  5. What are women’s good deeds?
    Does a man owning a porsche count as a deed.
    Mickey Rooney must have been a real boy scout – eight wives must prove something.

  6. You don’t connect to the source of it but it sounds like more femmi-cowshit–Men are so wicked that even when they do good deeds it is for selfish reasons etc, etc.(no not all good deeds but it certainly serves to cast more doubt and shadow on men which is the job of the media in todays femmi-shithole of a society).
    Contra Ian B I don’t think men are trained to seek the moral approval of women, but many foolish white-knighting nitwits think it will get some kudos with women if they do “good” deeds. “White-knighting” is a curse men saddle themselves with. The feminist gang would be on the road to extinction in 24 hours if men somehow got the gumption to see through the ethos of bogus “heroism” and woman protecting. Quite a lot of men might live longer, given our propensity to get killed in wars fighting for women who are increasingly not worth the sacrifice.

  7. Usually, Ian, I agree with your views on the moral climate but I do think you have to differentiate between what people say & what people do. The longer version of my comment above would observe women can be just as much the venal parasites they’ve always been & will favour the unscrupulous & hard-hearted because they like to associate with a winner. And, by & large, it’s the ones who trumpet the moral crusade the loudest who fall furthest short in their personal choices. The bench mark would be the slot-gobbed one & her devious grasping partner.

  8. I’m with bloke in spain at July 11, 2013 at 3:52 pm…

    May I draw Your Lordship’s attention to the popular beat musician Mr Bill Hicks, “Chicks dig jerks” for further details.

  9. The more one behaves like a total shit the greater the chances.

    Haven;t always seen this myself in terms of actual concrete behaviour*, but it’s certainly true in terms of political views. Even the leftiest of lefty women seem predisposed to (socially) prefer the company of tories.

    *in my purely anecdotal experience it’s time-limited. Unattached women below the age of 25 to about 30, yes. Over that, less so.

  10. Er, the quote isn’t about what women actually prefer. It’s about how men behave in front of them in attempting to curry favour. And probably, as I said, based on a demographic of young university students rather than the entire general population.

  11. “Quality misogyny”

    Only the very best is good enough for elite socialist scum like you Arnald.

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