And what do we do with this one?

OK, so this is about banning Pammycakes from the UK. A ban that shouldn\’t happen, however much I dislike Pammycakes. But seriously:

A spokesman for Hope not Hate, which led a campaign to ban the pair, declared himself “delighted”. Matthew Collins said: “There is enough hatred in this country at the moment; it is tense.

“There is a line in the sand between freedom of speech and the right to use hate speech. Freedom of speech does not guarantee you that right. We live in a democracy and we believe in free speech. People will now quote Voltaire but he never had the benefit of going to the gates of Auschwitz and seeing where unfettered free speech ends up.”

Free speech led to an attempted genocide? To the murder of 6 million Jews plus innumerable Gypsies, homosexuals and others? That society in which the free speech of writing the odd postcard arguing that maybe the war wasn\’t a good idea led to the guillotine? That free speech? The one in which freedom of speech only applied to certain ideas and words and not to others?

So what is the societal penicillin for a rancid syphylitic cunt like Matthew Collins?

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  1. “So what is the societal penicillin for a rancid syphylitic cunt like Matthew Collins?”

    Good question. Matthew apparently was once a member of the National Front, but clearly has seen there are much greater opportunities for the jack boots he loves so dearly on the ‘liberal’ side of the fence.

  2. Pretty much the purest distillation of what this type of leftist believes about free speech: free speech leads to genocide.

  3. How low can you go?
    How low can you go?
    How low can you go?

    And this is the best the Conservative Party can do?

    Another bunch of social democrats who do NOT believe in freedom of speech.

  4. It was the very suppression of free speech which led to Hitler maintaining his hold on power and being able to start WW2.

  5. Andrew MacBrayne

    Yeah, free speech caused the holocaust. That’s why the Nazis tried to keep the details from the German public and the world at large, or, um…..

    I cannot understand how one can get to be so moronic as to not realise that if we allow the state to regulate speech we put ourselves at the mercy of what the state regards as legitimate speech.

    And his Nazi point is wrong from a strictly factual point as well. Even under the circumstances, protest and illegal speech in German could stop or slow the Nazi crimes – the Rosenstrasse protest and the outcry over the T4 Euthanasia programme are good examples.

  6. This is why Mark Steyn, the Canadian writer who once worked for the Daily Telegraph, had to fight to get these mind control Nazis out of the Canadian press and public forums.

    For a good background preparation on this very issue Google Mark Steyn and see what shenanigans the thought police in Canada got up to during their – thank God short – tenure.

    Ask yourself, do you want Harriet Harman, the one with the hairy Balls in tow, to tell you what you are allowed to say and think?

  7. Note the division of speech into good speech and bad speech, only one of which you have a right to. Free speech is only being allowed to say nice things, apparently.

  8. He doesn’t even mean it. HnH make no attempt at all to campaign against Islamist hate preachers entering the country. But they are considering a campaign against UKIP. Complete scum.

  9. This sort of thing manifested itself recently in the NOH8 campaign, which involved a lot of people being photographed with tape over their mouths.

    IIRC the campaign was against California’s version of the Defence of Marriage Act. So the premise is that if you are against Gay marriage you are a hate-filled bigot. It is just this sort of automatic polarisation, a dialectic indeed, that the Marxists thrive upon. We see it time and again: abortion, creation v evolution, pornography etc

    Now, I just happen to like Archbishop Cranmer’s definition of marriage in the Prayer Book – but then again, look what happened to him !

  10. “A state school education helps.” It’s hardly dispositive though, is it? Take Laurie Penny, frinstance. Expensively educated at Brighton College and then Wadham. And she spouts nonsense that is indistinguishable from the ravings of someone with a horribly debilitating mental illness.

  11. So the premise is that if you are against Gay marriage you are a hate-filled bigot.

    Well that’s because most of them are. I support the right of people to say what they want about gay marriage, but the flip side is that you can’t expect to be immune to critcism. The NOH8 campaign was about calling the bigots out, not having them imprisoned for what they said.

  12. It is an incredibly absurd comparison by the loons in question.

    The killings of Jews and loyal Prussian officers were the clear result of a coordinated, and generally fictional, mass-media campaign, nothing to do with free speech at all. Which is precisely what this lot are in favour of.

    As for the other groups.. well it does rather seem that the only reason the gypsies have survived to this point in time, after people have been rapidly able to communicate from village to village faster than transportation that can carry a person can travel, is a certain indolence and a willingness to leave petty crime to the state to deal with on the part of the modern European.

  13. I’m pretty sure that it was the Courageous State that set up the camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor not free speech. Oh, and the Gulag.

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