Excellent advice from Howard Marks

Yes, crime pays, for sure. Crime generally pays very well but if I was advising someone on whether or not to follow my criminal path I would suggest he throws a brick into the nearest police station, gets arrested and sees what that is like before going any further.

4 thoughts on “Excellent advice from Howard Marks”

  1. well, pace Howard, who knows what he’s talking about, but I suspect the truth is that certain types of crime pay well, others less so. I recall reading an article about armed robbery (or possibly even bank robbery) which reckoned that by the time you’d factored in overheads, failures and all the other general problems, even your best bank robber / armed robber was looking at an average salary of less than £20,000/annum, and that with the risk of a very long time in gaol if caught.

    I don’t imagine burglary pays all that well, either, unless you’re some kind of Raffles character.

  2. As Richard North points out on EU Referendum, the bluebottles now seem to decide (at least from ACPO level) what is and is not priority crime. If you do “non-priority” (=non PC violating)crimes your chances are much better of never being bothered by the pork.
    Richard and his son are both busy reporting the crimes committed by council-employed council tax bailiffs. Which is a sub-set of crime that the bluestupes will NOT investigate, despite the fact that the Blulabour trash have recently confirmed that said bailiff crime IS a criminal matter.

  3. @sam, Bertold Brecht famously asked the question about which was the greater crime – robbing a bank or owning a bank. Certainly one of those crimes pays much better than the other.

  4. @ JamesV

    as I understood it, the Brecht quote was more along the lines of “robbing banks is an enterprise for amateurs. The professional founds a bank” viz. it is easier to rob people by owning a bank than by robbing one.

    Otherwise it’s just drivel. Might as well say “which is the greater crime, stealing a sheep or owning a sheep?”

    Not that I’m agreeing with him in either sentiment.

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