Government laundering money through NGOs to lobby government to give money to NGOs

Bastards, eh?

An ‘independent’ celebrity-backed campaign to increase foreign aid was secretly engineered by Whitehall, it was claimed yesterday.

The IF movement recruited David Beckham, Orlando Bloom and Mo Farah to ensure the Government made good on a pledge to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas help.

But internal documents reveal plans were cooked up by ministers and advisers at Whitehall and the Tory party conference two years ago.

Not really much that can be said about this except hang the lot of them.

8 thoughts on “Government laundering money through NGOs to lobby government to give money to NGOs”

  1. Not this time Tim.
    Usually taxpayers money getting wasted annoys me; not this time though. The idea of a Tory gov’t getting marxist charity bastards to do a load of campaigning to make the Tory PM look good – and don’t forget, a lot of the charities’ own funds will have been pissed up the wall on this as well – is just too funny for words. Trawl back through Murphy’s blog to see the effort they’ve put in on Cameron’s behalf.
    BTW: Blair did exactly the same at the G8 in 2005. However, in Bono and Geldof he had a better class of stooge.

  2. Allowing

    Save the Children,
    Christian Aid

    to put themselves in charge of “foreign aid” is like putting Greenpiece and FoE in charge of energy – a resounding success eh?

    These conniving, corrupt bureaucratic vermin simply know no bounds to self interest do they? The perversion of charity continues unabated.

  3. This is routine.

    Government gives money to ASH, ASH campaign for anti-smoker legislation, government implements anti-smoker legislation, government gives money to ASH…

  4. What is the substance of this accusation? The article is very light on detail.

    are they saying that the IF campaign was somehow designed in Whitehall? That sounds like bollocks to me.

    or did the government just play along because it suits them? Hardly a shocker, what do you expect them to do?

    What next, scandal of Department of Education cooperating with education charities, trying to win some favourable press?

  5. Yes, the gov’t plays along, tells the world how much it shares these concerns and gets lots of good publicity out of it. And then everyone goes home another 8 years and the charities find nobody is quite as interedsted in their campaign as they seemed last year and…
    I’m sorry, I still find it funny.

  6. I do find it quite astonishing to find the Daily Mail and indeed this blog acting as an uncritical mouthpiece for John Hilary of War on Want, given that I imagine his views would not normally get the time of day from the Mail or indeed from TW – e.g “GM crops won’t help African farmers”, “make the tax avoiders pay”, “banks sitting on £750bn in corporate assets – if the managers won’t invest that money in social production then we’ll get one that will” and so on ad nauseam.

    It’s also weird to find the Mail reporting, with an apparently straight face, that “War on Want claimed it did not join the campaign after being told it could only do so if it refused to criticise Government policy” as WoW gave completely different reasons at the time –

  7. After reading the WOW link I agree with Churm Rincewind. – WOW is talking “Newspeak” e.g. “Along with our trade union allies and several other progressive NGOs” – the trade unions in the rich countries are the largest single block to equalising income globally and “progressive” has mean “communist in disguise” for at least the last 60 years.
    The claim that “IF” is designed to help the government keep a promise that pre-dates its creation is “left-field” aka conspiracy theory – Cameron is committed to the 0.7% and he can rely on Clegg’s LibDems to beat off any attacks from the noisy selfish minority of the right-wing – I expect the majority of the right-wing to be intelligent enough to favour enlightened self-interest including foreign aid but make less noise and/or be ignored by the gutter press.

  8. Yes, the War on Want piece is brilliant. Same analysis applies though; David Cameron, like Blair before him, has benefited from a load of free PR thanks to the IF campaign. I’m really not surprised that War on Want disliked it all so much. Their piece contains all the clues we need: bollocks to “food sovereignty”, it’s about war on our enemies. The Tories, the U.S, the G8, Big Business; enemies all. The IF campaign is full of New Labour spin doctors waiting to get re-hired by gov’t. They like sitting down in nice conference rooms with people in suits.
    The social differences between would-be revolutionaries aren’t funny; they’re hilarious.

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