Hurrah! Parasitic cunts fuck off

A key adviser, Nick Sheron, resigned as co-chair of the Department of Health’s alcohol network, which drives efforts to promote responsible drinking, in protest at the decision.

Cancer Research UK, the Faculty of Public Health, and the UK Health Forum also formally withdrew from the same government programme, which is part of the department\’s Responsibility Deal with the industry.

What excellent news, eh?

7 thoughts on “Hurrah! Parasitic cunts fuck off”

  1. Not sure here, but if it’s illegal to sell drink below the level of tax on the drink, then it’d be illegal to give it away, wouldn’t it? Don’t suppose they’ve actually managed to make standing a round a criminal offense (in England, always has been in Scotland & Wales) but the provision of free booze by a business in conjunction with its other activities might be. What would be the difference between Tesco giving the customer a couple extra tinnies if they buy a six-pack & opening a bottle of champers to seal a sales contract?

  2. @CHF
    Suits me. Now can we lock up all those attending wine & cheese parties at the H’s of P for collusion?

  3. Or in parallel, Big Tobacco and booze shifters funding shills like Worstall at ASI to spout sweary nonsense day in, day out?

  4. Not a parallel, Arnald. Big Tobacco or booze shifters paying Tim in fags or booze, a possible parallel. Funding in money, not a parallel. No attempt to supply booze or tobacco at below the cost of the tax.
    Better luck next time.

  5. “Now can we lock up all those attending wine & cheese parties at the H’s of P for collusion?”

    Sadly, no. Curiously, MPs always seem to escape the unconsidered effects of their own legislation.

  6. The government has evidently decided that the likely impact of Minimum Alcohol pricing which will be an explosion of bootlegging and vast profits to criminal gangs bringing in illicit booze, and has, in a rare display of sense decided it isn’t worth the candle. The reaction from the bodies mentioned in the post here and the Troll on this thread suggest their decision was an unusual correct one….

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