No, curries don\’t bring on labour

There’s nothing like a trip to the local curry house to bring on labour.

Or so say millions of women who swear by spicy food as a method of induction. Though no scientific study has confirmed this old wives’ tale, one theory is that the spices irritate the intestines, causing the uterus to contract.

No, no. A curry brings on a damn good shit. Which is quite useful if you\’re about to spend the next 12 hours squeezin\’ dem pelvic muscles.

You know, disposes of one set of mess in the loo rather than on the table?

6 thoughts on “No, curries don\’t bring on labour”

  1. Or encourage the little one to take his first poop.
    I was alarmed to see my firstborn pop out covered in ”it, with his umbilical cord wrapped around him like the bandaliero of a Mexican bandit. But apparently having a two yard long umbilical cord is an evolutionary advantage and there is surprisingly little risk of infection for the mother.

    Just thought I might save this comment for after lunch, I hope you guys salute my restraint.

    Come on Kate, Doors to Manual, and PUSH!

  2. Cleaning the top shelf of the cupboards or a good helping of stewed gooseberries is also good……..

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