Oh Dear: Julie Bindel has found a new cause

Illegal organ transplants this time. We\’ll end up with the usual fiddling of the numbers top make a few rare cases smear an entire field.

Sigh. And we\’ll never, ever, get her to admit that the way to deal with this is for there to be a legal market which will wipe out that illegal and oppressive one.

You know, like Iran has managed?

3 thoughts on “Oh Dear: Julie Bindel has found a new cause”

  1. Our government actively assisted our police in Kosovo (formerly NATO armed terrorists, formerly gansters, drug lords, sex slavers and organleggers) to “arrest” 1800 people and dissect them while still alive to provide organs for western hospitals.

    If Ms Bindell has objected to that equally loudly and called for the Nazi scum responsible to be tried I will eat my hat but if she and the rest of the PC scum who always bask in being outraged at such things haven’t they are Nazi scum themselves

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think the most worrying thing about this is that La Bindel is writing in the Telegraph. Have they gone insane?

    Legal markets? Well, OK. But perhaps the best solution is the Chinese one – we can execute people and use their organs. It would, if you will forgive the expression, kill two birds with one stone. And make capital punishment popular once more.

    It is gross when you first think about it. But less so over time. And it does not have the “social” justice implications of paying poor Third World peasants for their organs.

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