So this Tameside hospital then

Care at an NHS hospital in Greater Manchester is so chaotic that patients are being left in pain, having to wait up to four days to see a consultant and languish in a corridor for hours because the A&E unit is full, two previously unpublished reviews commissioned by the hospital reveal.

So serious are the problems at Tameside general hospital in Manchester that local GPs now want the long-serving chief executive, Christine Green, and the medical director, Tariq Mahmood, to quit – while junior doctors working at the hospital have also privately raised concerns about staffing levels.

Long delays before being assessed by a doctor are putting patients at risk, with some admitted on a Friday not being checked by a consultant until Tuesday, according to two reports from NHS experts, based on visits in March and April and seen by the Guardian.

Is this all the result of some new scheme? Foundation status? Some ghastly slashing of the budgets?

Or is this simply the failure of the NHS bureaucratic system of management? Would be interesting if the Guardian could tell us, don\’t you think? But they seem remarkably quiet on why this is happening. Which in itself is interesting, isn\’t it?

7 thoughts on “So this Tameside hospital then”

  1. Can you imagine the shit storm if it was a privately run hospital that had this kind of issue? “Profits before people!” thundered the Guardian. “Companies can’t care!” trumpeted the Observer.

  2. Good point, Steve. I forgot the golden rule – everything is the fault of the previous Conservative government for the first three or four terms of Labour. During a Tory spell though, it’s all their fault no matter how long ago it happened.

  3. And the completely impartial and uber competent CQC just gave them a clean bilk of health. Well that’s a relief then…

  4. So Much For Subtlety


    Obviously this is happening because of “the cuts”.

    Naah, it was Thatcher wasn’t it?

    And yet again no one is going to be punished.

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