So what\’s all this John Bercow stuff?

Guido\’s been hinting around it for days now. And I\’m out here in the Czech R not able to hear the gossip.

So, what\’s the insinuation at present? Sally\’s found something to do with her hands now the Twitter account\’s closed?

5 thoughts on “So what\’s all this John Bercow stuff?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I know I shouldn’t say it, but I don’t give a damn what she gets up to with her hands.

    As long as she has found something else to do with her mouth.

  2. Wouldn’t wish marital disharmony on anyone, him included, but I also can’t stand the sanctimonious, priggish, pompous little twat.

    Mind you, I must thank him for his ‘coat of arms’ , which made me nearly laugh myself sick.

  3. A little birdie whispered Tommy Robinson to me the other day. Fun as it would be, I have my doubts about that one. Maybe she likes a bit of rough, though?

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