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At the ASI.

I seem to have become an economics geek.

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  1. Out of personal interest:
    Tim’s site has been unavailable to me from early this a.m. until now. All I got in the browser was “Waiting for…” Other sites, slow but got there eventually. I’m guessing by the number of comments this was a site problem but with my frustratingly unreliable Spanish mobile internet provider, anything’s possible. Be helpful to know, because I’m sorely tempted to call it a day & go a different provider..

  2. There’s probably a critical consumer mass at which this works. I can tell you the street on Hong Kong Island to go to for bathroom fittings, dozens if not hundreds of little shops, no B&Q. Or the area (not quite a single street) for light fittings. Larger and swankier shops but still not B&Q*.

    And then the whine from midwest friends that Evilco sets up a big supermarket on greenfield within striking distance of a dozen small villages, puts all the village stores out of business, then puts its prices up, or even worse decides it’s not profitable and shuts up shop itself. That’s anecdata I have no way of verifying but it’s intuitively plausible.

    So the clustering thing might not work in lightly-populated areas, if (partly) because even several one-horse towns can only support one blacksmith.

    * incidentally, the “dried seafood” street in Hong Kong is the most expensive place to get dried seafood, the locals all go elsewhere or negotiate the price, but then dried seafood is more ubiquitous than faux-gold-plated dragon taps..

  3. BIS – can’t say for sure, but I had the same problem earlier on (haven’t checked back till now).

  4. Somewhat off topic, but here are some interesting stats, courtesy of Alexa.com:

    timworstall.com – global traffic rank : 445,120, GB traffic rank: 29,044
    taxresearch.org.uk – global traffic rank: 635,932, GB traffic rank: 41,874

    So, to summarise Timmeh > Richie 🙂

  5. BIS-

    That’s not unusual. In fact, HTML6 will include a specification that when a random number is required, the browser should ping timworstall.com, and return a 1 for available and a 0 for site unavailable/error making database connection/no DNS/everlasting hang.

    God knows what he’s hosting it on. It falls over nearly every day.

  6. Thanx for the input, guys. Orange (WTF not ‘Naranja’ in a country overflowing with the things…?) will get a temporary stay of execution.

  7. I couldn’t get Tim’s site this morning either.

    On eBay one sees “clustering” strategies versus “we are the only guys selling this particular thing to this particular market” strategies when it comes to how items for sale are classified.

  8. @PeterC:

    “So, to summarise Timmeh > Richie :)”

    Ritchie is a PCS union shill, paid 40k to blog full-time whereas Timmeh just does a bit off blogging here and there in between ‘unting slags in ‘t Czech Republic and elsewhere…

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