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At the ASI.

One of the reasons economic growth is slow is that we\’ve ot a vast bureaucracy second guessing anyone trying to create some economic growth.

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  1. I suspect however that the ‘reason’ is immaterial. The ‘regulator’ has been captured by environmentalists and any reason will do. “You cannot dig this mine as you wear yellow trousers” would do just fine.

  2. It’s the same with housebuilding and every planned system- and if the Local Authority think that an area is “oversupplied” they can refuse permission- the statistics that will be used to decide this are hopelessly out of date studies compiled by the Local Authority and once the number of houses they decide needs to be built has been built they can effectively close down house building as demand has been met. The developers willingness to risk their capital, rocketing prices and estate agents fighting to get every property they can onto the market don’t really register as valid indicators compared to a five year old study compiled by the office junior and the guy who was on work experience..

    To be fair I think the coalition are working on changing this , but it’s early days.

  3. Hmm. If the mine is in a national park, aren’t there more restrictions? So there needs to be convincing evidence of jobs and demand, and the regulator has to assess the trade-off between that and the impact on the environment. We wouldn’t want an abandoned mine there in two years time.
    Now, if we can only apply the same rules to the useless windmills on beautiful hillsides . . . . . . .

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