Why the Czechs are like farmers

You might recall that a couple of months back we here in Czechlandia had the worst floods for a couple of centuries. Well, for a couple of centuries since the last worst floods for a couple of centuries in 2005.

Yesterday someone said to me that the weather was terrible this summer as they\’ve not had any rain for a whole 21 days.

That\’s farmer style complaining about the weather, isn\’t it?

2 thoughts on “Why the Czechs are like farmers”

  1. This is a win-win for farmers, isn’t it?
    You get some CAP compo this year.
    Next year, with all that silt and sewage on your fields for free, you get a bumper crop.

    Anyway, the country’s so hard to spell we might as well rename it Mesopotamia.

  2. When I first heard a British person use the word “drought” to refer to a period in summer when it had not rained for a couple of months, I found it hilarious. For in much of Australia, a drought is when it has not rained for two or three years, perhaps.

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