You knew this was coming from Ritchie, didn\’t you?

Country-by-country reporting exists only because civil society picked up an idea and ran with it. Now we have to be willing to fight for it and defend it. Our next challenge is to raise the funding to make that possible when we’ll be severely outgunned on a dollar-by-dollar basis when it comes to resources allocated to this task.

That\’s also known as \”give me your money\”.

Or more accurately, give me more of other peoples\’ money.

3 thoughts on “You knew this was coming from Ritchie, didn\’t you?”

  1. I find it interesting that Murphy uses “civil society” in senses which seem to indicate that it means “everyone other than governments and big business”, but also quotes things that he’s written and says that “civil society” wrote them.

    So he seems to be claiming to be the voice of absolutely everyone, which I suspect means he speaks for me. Only I don’t recall ever giving him my proxy.

    At least, I think he’s saying that he wrote “No More Shifty Business”. The document is on his Tax Research website, but so far as I can see it isn’t actually attributed to anyone, unless it’s the list of “supporting organisations”. It refers to “we” a lot, but doesn’t say who “we” are. No headed paper, no copyright notice, no signature…

    It’s terribly terribly opaque. I thought Murphy was all for transparency?

  2. Transparency where its required, and only there. So open transparency about funding, but hide the real funding behind front organisations.

  3. I had assumed that ‘civil society’ was some sort of CLASS-style thinktank organisation. Is he really so arrogant that he’d ascribe that tag to an assorted minority that he happens to agree with?

    He’s the Evil Knievel of bloggers.. but instead of jumping busses, it’s sharks… and the line gets bigger every day.

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