A note for Tim Congdon: your email’s been hacked

Or perhaps there’s someone who has set up a yahoo email account in your name.

I’m with family on Holiday in Paris,France I know I didn’t mention anything about it to you but we are in trouble, we were mugged last night in an alley by a gang of thugs on our way back from shopping,

We know how the rest goes, right guys?

[email protected]ahoo.co.uk

Think that’s a new spam account rather than the old one having been hacked actually.

4 thoughts on “A note for Tim Congdon: your email’s been hacked”

  1. Tim N: thank you for that. I have had a few of those, and had been wondering how to cause a little mischief for the spammers.

    I did get one laugh though. The person who, allegedly, was in deep manure (in Manila, if I remember right) was sitting a foot away, drinking my coffee, when I opened her cry for help, much to her amusement.

  2. I had this email too, Tim. The person’s English wasn’t so good, so my gut feeling was that it wasn’t genuine. I’m relieved to discover it wasn’t seeing your message above and that you’re OK. Phew!

  3. Got a very ingenious one couple years back purporting to be a woman from down here who’d come to grief in Liverpool on a visit back UK side. And this was from her own, hacked account. They’d taken the trouble to read previous correspondence to work in some plausible collateral & actually tagged the appeal on as a reply to my latest to her. Like you do. But left one thing out. We’ve both got the habit of signing off with some dreadful pun. Maureen du Corse as a sample. Even in extremis she wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to explore fertile new areas of punnyness.
    Rang her & of course she was very much in country & struggling to log into her e-mail because her p/w’d been changed. I replied to the appeal & extracted some pretty firm address details to send money to. Cash via courier rather than their preferred Western Union. Passed the lot over to Liverpool police. Neither of us got the decency of a reply,from them though…

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