Bezos and the WaPo

Dunno how this will turn out:

The Washington Post, the newspaper that brought down a US president, has been sold for $250 million (£163 million) to the billionaire founder of Amazon.

Fun that it went for significantly less than HuffPo did, isn\’t it?

And my 2 cents worth is that the American papers need to become more political if they are to survive. To move from being a nominally unbiased local source to representing a particular bias and worldview on a national basis.

4 thoughts on “Bezos and the WaPo”

  1. Oh, it’s biased, obviously, but it’s second only to the NYT in following the awful “he said” / “he said”, “balanced”, “journalism as a craft not a trade” model that makes almost all US print newspapers unreadably turgid. The bias is towards the establishment and not-rocking-the-boat in general, rather than right/left or Dem/Rep.

    Tim’s wrong about the future of US print journalism, though: the WaPo doesn’t have anything going in its favour if it wanted to present itself as a national or global brand that stood for something.

    If anything, it’s in a *worse* position to build a national, than if it were a start-up or (obvious example is obvious) a non-US newspaper with a well-known ideological slant already read by its target audience for foreign news.

    (if the Barclays were at all creative or imaginative, Telegraph USA could easily also be a thing…)

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    …the newspaper that brought down a US president,,,

    No need to read any further to know that the rest of the article is going to be utter crap.

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