I quite like Lisbon train station

Or at least this one, Oriente. Means I\’m getting closer to home. And at 9 am on a summer morning, I\’ve my cafe con leiche, a pack of fags. Portugal being a civilised country I\’m allowed to smoke them of course. Mobile internet connection, the libraries of the world are available to me while I wait an hour for the connection.

22 oC. Bit of a sea tang to the air. All rather civilised.

Just wish the airline timetable hadn\’t meant that I had to get up at 2 am 2,000 km away to get here. But then even that\’s a bit of a modern marvel, isn\’t it?

1 thought on “I quite like Lisbon train station”

  1. Tim,
    Do they speak a strange Algarvian/Spanish dialect in Messines?

    It is “cafe com leite”.
    “con” is Spanish
    Don’t know where you get the “leiche” from as Spanish is “leche”

    Good station though, handy for a walk along the promenade of the Parque Das Nacoes if you need to stretch your legs. Oceanarium is pretty good too.

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