In which we advise John Harris and the Labour Party

The average Briton can\’t imagine Ed Miliband in Downing Street, according to the polls. With only 21 months until the next general election, what can the left do to change public opinion?

My recommendation would be to try and find the human being from which the Ed Miliband cyborg was copied and effect a replacement.

11 thoughts on “In which we advise John Harris and the Labour Party”

  1. Might just be my computer (or my old version of Explorer) but you’re blog’s gone odd again. The category lines from the right hand side have spread across the whole page, so I can’t go into the comments on anything except the first post because anywhere else on the page clicks through to whichever category is opposite it.

  2. Don’t mock Zen Wallyband: he’ll pop you in the Gulag when he seizes supreme power. That’s what his Dad would have done, wouldn’t he?

  3. @Richard, use compatibility view.

    As for Millibean does anyone have any actual serious recommendations for a replacement from the labour benches? Him and Camoron post-election doing a PM double-act in a grand coalition would be just too much to bear.

  4. There seems to be nobody of any merit at all in the modern Labour Party. It’s changed a lot since Attlee and Nye Bevan.

    /Michael Foot impression

  5. JamesV, perfect, thank you; I didn’t know about that.

    But I have just noticed my shocking grammatical error and am deeply embarrassed. Obviously it was far too early in the morning for me to be functioning.

  6. “It’s changed a lot since Attlee and Nye Bevan.”

    In some ways, it hasn’t changed enough since Attlee and Nye Bevan. Beyond embracing the ideas of the New Left, Labour hasn’t really offered anything new in decades. Tax and spend is all they have – all the ‘intellectual’ Miliband seems to want to do is read innumerable books that support what he believed in anyway.

  7. Before they re-clone Miliband can someone take the marbles out of his mouth, I can’t understand a fucking word he says.

    It’s like a posh version of Janet Street Porter.

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