Is Bianca Jagger really this dim?

On Saturday I made my second trip to the campsite in Lower Stumble – my first journey was on 28 July. I felt compelled to lend my support after I received Twitter requests from concerned residents asking me to help them in their struggle against Cuadrilla. I decided it was important to visit Balcombe because I believe that hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a high-risk process that poses serious threats to the environment, which in the rush to drill are being swept aside by Cuadrilla and the British government. Ironically, Lord Browne, chairman of Cuadrilla and former BP boss, is an adviser to the British government. I fear that if Cuadrilla is allowed to go ahead unchallenged it will forever alter England\’s glorious countryside.

Err, love?

They\’re not actually fracking at Balcombe. Just standard drilling…..

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  1. But also very, very wealthy so the fantasy of ‘renewable’ but hideously expensive energy will cost her nothing.

  2. Did she drive? (Which has had the occasional impact on our environment) Or take the eco-friendly train? Which in the mid19th century did more to disrupt the ‘garden of England’ than fracking ever could.

  3. They’re not ruling it out, though

    Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s chief executive officer, told the BBC that “the community should not really notice much activity at all unless they want to walk down to the site and see it.”

    He explained that his company does not really expect to find natural gas whilst drilling in West Sussex, and stated that no fracking is planned for the area. If any shale reserves were discovered that required fracking to develop them, Cuadrilla would have to apply for additional permits.

  4. Skimming through the comments on the Guardian website, it looks like they are very roughly 2:1 in favour of fracking, or open-minded.
    Sometimes I think there is hope for the human race, after all.

  5. yes, but no-one’s listening to Cuadrilla; they are not licenced by DECC to frack at Balcombe and they’re looking for conventional oil. All of the protesters are trying to stop something that isn’t even planned

  6. One problem here is that Cuadrilla clearly have useless PR and press people. I just watch this stuff going by in the papers without any particular interest and I had picked up the association that Cuadrilla = Fracking. That’s not the anti campaigners’ fault – they just seem to be doing a better job of managing the media.

  7. Drilling has already happened at Balcome and no one complained. In fact that there are over 2000 wells scattered around the country and not one of the greenie nutters has noticed them. Instead they go for the well known name “Cuadrilla” and attack it for merely existing.

    See the FrackLand blog.

  8. Hi Tim, this: groundwater will be contaminated, meme needs to be unpacked a little bit more.

    1. Are people in Balcombe getting their water from wells, or are they supplied by a main water supply company?
    2. Can the integrity of main water supply pipelines be compromised by the fracking process. in other words, how will the groundwater directly leak into the water pipes? A feat of engineering and a technical impossibility.
    3. Where in the USA has water supply pipelines been contaminated by fracking?

    This is just a cheap publicity shot by a pass its sell-by date and clapped-out celebrity.

  9. “I fear that if Cuadrilla is allowed to go ahead unchallenged it will forever alter England’s glorious countryside.

    Completely unlike those delightful wind turbines of course!

  10. I’d have married Mick Jagger as long as there wasn’t a pre-nup, he’d be welcome to half my fortune when we’d split up.

  11. She’s still trading off Mick Jagger’s name 40 years after they divorced. The evil slimeball who is my ex-wife also trades with my name. Why don’t these cunts take responsibility under their own identity? Answer: they are worthless cunts.

  12. I’m wondering how many of these ‘residents’ have only been so since they turned up last week with their tents.

  13. Must say “Lower Stumble” had me stumped. Know Balcombe quite well because the aged parent was resident in a nursing home there for a while & a great deal of filial visiting occurred. Balcombe is not exactly a humming metropolis so the idea of it having suburbs is a bit of a challange. According to the map, it doesn’t exist, but Upper Stumble is a wood & as far as i can work out Lower Stumble must be another, near the bloody great railway viaduct. Other side of Haywards Heath Road, a way, is Ardingly Reservoir, where the valley’s been flooded..
    Slice of historic Sussex Weald, “unspoilt for generations” this ain’t.

  14. Never forget that 15% of the population have an IQ of below 85, and probably 20-25% below 90. Allied to our wonderful progressive education system means that yes, a good proportion of the population are both naturally dim, and completely unaware of the facts about the world around them.

  15. I do recall a wonderful put-down about Ms Jagger from P J O’Rourke following the ousting of the Sandinista Government many years ago. Essentially it ran “Bianca Jagger looking concerned in linen outfit, looking caring in lightweight suit… This morning she looked…. Her AGE!” Sorry, cannot for the life of me remember which one, either “Give War A Chance” or “Holidays in Hell”. At least she remains consistent in her ignorance of the actual facts of any issue.

  16. I have read some ugly comments here. Bianca Jagger is the hardest working woman I’ve ever seen. She has to be somewhere everyday. Travel like that can’t be pleasant. She won a scholarship to a French Political School but couldn’t speak French. This got her out of Nicaraguar (sp?). She met Mick at a party in Paris. They married. They stayed married for about a decade and had a daughter.

    Then she became the Queen of Studio 54. She hung out with Andy Warhol and designers who dressed her in skimpy outfits, breasts showing.

    Then she divorced Mick. She had wanted to become an actress in the old days. She tended to be very sexy, uncaring how high her dress went up, etc.

    She became a Human Rights activist. And works everyday at that job. She has had a full life and there’s nothing stupid about her. I’m an American. When she said she loved England, it hurt my feelings.

  17. Surreptitious Evil

    Bianca Jagger is the hardest working woman I’ve ever seen.

    All that effort and to so little effect …

  18. Philip Scott Thomas

    She has to be somewhere everyday.

    I should think everybody had to be somewhere every day.

  19. That’s not the anti campaigners’ fault – they just seem to be doing a better job of managing the media.

    It’s a lot easier to manage the media when you don’t have to worry about factual accuracy.

  20. Michael, it was Give War a Chance, after Violetta Chamorro won against the Sandinistas. There were some awesome barbs from that essay, including “human rum blossom Christopher Dodd” and that repulsive tyrant-fellating prick Jimmy Carter “grinning like a raccoon eating fish guts out of a wire brush.” Good stuff.

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