Isn’t this a surprise about polyamory?

Some of us involved with leftwing politics had previously been witness to or victims of men who had sexual access to as many women as they wanted, while women waited for her one partner to get round to paying her attention. In the meantime, women were pitted against each other while the men played a subtle game of divide and rule, and there were plenty of women to do the washing, childcare and provide emotional and sexual support for these oh-so alternative men.

The women were not necessarily any more sexually liberated than their married, monogamous sisters; in fact they would quite often complain of being treated far worse than a wife. It not only gave men permission to sleep around, but left women experiencing dreadful feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Sounds like the SWP really.

8 thoughts on “Isn’t this a surprise about polyamory?”

  1. Turns out this nuclear family thing evolved for a reason.

    Also, ever noticed how people into swinging and whatnot tend to be uglier, on average, than normal people?

  2. The subhead on that piece is:

    It’s not my business how many partners people have, but let’s not pretend that this will bring sexual equality to relationships

    It’s also not the daft bint’s business what people pretend it is.

  3. Idiot bint who wrote that article clearly doesn’t know the difference between polygyny and polyamory. Other than that, it’s a thinly veiled attack on polyamory based on the fact that any relationship can be disfunctional.

    You can’t imagine the Guardian printing this kind of attack a few years ago, can you, but clearly now the Graun’s prevailing thought patterns are somewhat to the right of a Seventies NF spokesman.

  4. P. J. O’Rourke had some trenchant observations on how Leftist politics gave men greater access to sexual partners. And we’re all familiar with the trope of the trendy radical Prof. who ploughs a furrow through the ranks of his female students.

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