Note Polly\’s sleight of hand here

The latest threat comes perversely from a review recommended by Leveson into media plurality, noting Murdoch\’s unhealthy political grip ever since Margaret Thatcher abolished media ownership rules, letting him take 40% of newspapers, plus Sky.

This is bad because Murdoch\’s the very devil and he lies and lies and steals other newspapers\’ readers and he\’s on the right and that\’s terrible the way that he warps the mind of the nation.

The BBC gets 73% of news audience because people choose it, though it only produces 25% of all news output.

When people choose the media organisation I used to work for then they\’re exercising their free choice of course.

They couldn\’t possibly be choosing Murdoch \’coz he\’s evil, see?

Sky packages, costing up to £500 a year, are parasitic on the BBC, since Sky subscribers watch more BBC than Sky channels – yet the BBC pays to appear on the Sky platform, instead of being paid.

Didn\’t we go through that one before? The BBC pays to be on the listings but not on the platform?

9 thoughts on “Note Polly\’s sleight of hand here”

  1. Sky, a service that people are free to voluntarily buy or not, is “parasitic” on the BBC, a service TV owners are forced to pay for whether they want it or not?

    It’s always Opposite Day in Pollyworld.

  2. nothing new here from moonbat world

    people choosing things moonbats like = democracy
    people choosing things moonbats hate = false consciousness
    people wanting to have choice at all = “market extremism”

  3. It’s not so much a left-thing as an authortarian thing. Authoritarians of all stripes automatically hate choice because it results in people choosing things the authoritarians don’t like. It just so happens that the Proggies who are notionally on the Left are the current manifestation of authoritarian infestation in our society at the moment.

  4. Ian B,

    It’s worth noting that they are “notionally on the left”.

    Compare and contrast Mary Whitehouse’s campaign against filth with third wave feminism’s campaign against page 3. You see a lot of ugly, fat or old middle-class women using children as a weapon against men getting their rocks off and working-class women making good money.

    All that’s changed is the dress code and how the children are affected.

  5. “Sky packages, costing up to £500 a year, are parasitic on the BBC, since Sky subscribers watch more BBC than Sky channels ”

    I don’t believe that assertion, about Sky customers watching more BBC channels.
    Doesn’t this hack have something of a track record of just making stuff up?

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