On the vital subject of Miley Cyrus’ twerking

I admit, I had to go and look up what twerking meant. And I just about know who Miley Cyrus is. The fictional alter ego of the daughter of that bloke who brought us Achey Breaky Heart.

There seems to be some complaint about Miley doing this sexually suggestive dancing stuff called twerking. And I’m afraid that I really, really, do not get it. The woman’s 20 years old. She’s supposed to be doing sexually suggestive dancing. That’s what human beings do at that age.


9 thoughts on “On the vital subject of Miley Cyrus’ twerking”

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  2. I think it is because she was a child star, so some people think she is still 14.
    Even I was a bit surprised she is as old as 20.

  3. I was only joking Tim. It was just funny that from the Telegraph to the Grauniad, with the nation about to go to war, the major subject seemed to be a suggestive dance routine.

    Anyway, my own view is that the problem is that she just isn’t very good at “sexy”, and anyone who isn’t good at sexy trying to do sexy is uncomfortable to watch. That, and the Pedobear motif. And the tongue thing. She really needs to stop doing the tongue thing.

    There was a nice comment over at the Graun to the effect that “her arse looked like a chicken falling out of a damaged Tesco bag”.

    And I didn’t know the verb “to twerk” either until this appeared in the media.

  4. IanB

    I second your second paragraph.

    I can see the point of ‘twerking’ in the right hands (?), it could be devastating.

    Cyrus, you ain’t got it.

    Don’t do it

    Please, pretty please

  5. I once found myself backstage at a Billy Ray Cyrus gig in Kentucky, controlling access (nothing official about it, it was all quite odd).

    Hordes of young girls desperate to get back. Catholic guilt forbade me from accepting the blow jobs on offer, but I did take back various things – programmes, t-shirts – to be ‘signed by Billy Ray’.

    Lots of attics around the southern US are now filled with tat marked ‘Love ya – Billy’ in my fist.

    Anyway, his daughter hasn’t got the arse for it, in my opinion.

  6. former child star goes all raunchy in bid to launch new profile ? man bites dog.

    FFS, we had Britney Spears and Christina ‘Dirrrrrrrrrrrty’ Aguilera and that was in the last decade.

    What I don’t understand is why she didn’t just go down the old fashioned, tried and tested route of sending a sex tape to all the red-tops being shocked to discover that a former boyfriend had put a video of their intimate moments on the internet.

  7. 1956 – Elvis Presley caused a storm because his dancing was considered too “naughty”.

    2013 – Miley Cyrus causes a storm because her dancing is considered too “naughty”.

    Blimey. We really are going backwards, aren’t we?

  8. >The woman’s 20 years old. She’s supposed to be doing sexually suggestive dancing. That’s what human beings do at that age.

    Yes, but not in people’s living rooms with all the family watching. In my bedroom.

  9. I’ve just watched the video.

    It’s appalling. Not in the sense of ‘explicit’, clearly, in the sense of ‘not very good’. it’s completely sexless, like watching an ten-year-old play Roxie Hart in a prep school end-of-term production of Chicago.

    When she bent over, I didn’t so much think ‘grinding; as ‘oh, have you dropped something?’

    FFS. All this fuss over that.

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