Richard Murphy Is resigning from the Tax Justice Network to spend more time with his family.

We have also now become aware that my involvement in TJN has caused some confusion between these focuses of attention and who is responsible for what work and that has not always been helpful. As such we’ve agreed that from now on I will have no formal role within the Tax Justice Network and will not speak for it in future.

That decision has also been precipitated by considerable demands on my time over the last few months that have arisen as a result of the serious illness of a close relative. As a result of those demands I have been advised that I should reduce my work commitments and have accepted that try as I might I have little choice but agree, and on reflection it is my involvement with the Tax Justice Network that has to go.

25 thoughts on “Richard Murphy Is resigning from the Tax Justice Network to spend more time with his family.”

  1. Say it ain’t so Tim, say it ain’t so!

    He’ll still do his blogging won’t he? My life wouldn’t be the same without Ritchie blogging!

    BTW: family commitments my arse. He’s even been getting a kicking on the Liberal Conspiracy website; something about made up figures(?) He’s become an embarrassment to his friends; there’s only him and Michael Meacher left (and Arnald of course)

  2. I still can’t get over how much he looks like Kevin Rudd. Hopefully they’ll both be on the scrapheap of history in a couple of weeks.

  3. Sudden realisation (either self induced, or because someone close has ‘enlightened’ him) that he was in way over his head. Possibly because some of the TJN ideas are being touted by Cameron/Osborne etc al there has been official contact made and he’s made a complete idiot of himself in some meeting or other, probably embarrassing the TJN too, which would take some doing.

  4. Ian B ……… It feels like the end of an ear.

    You heard it here first. I could wax lyrical about it, but I won’t.

  5. Jim>

    It’s always possible they woke up and realised he’s espousing ideas straight from Mein Kampf, but when you consider that his opinion of his own self-worth is rather more inflated than the Goodyear blimp, a dispute over remuneration does seem rather likely, doesn’t it?

  6. So the Tax Justice Network’s campaigning work has apparently been taken over by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

    I thought that this was some sort of parody a la People’s Front of Judea, but fuck me, apparently it’s real.

    Also, a slightly mysterious reason given by Murph for his ‘resignation’ was that ‘..funders want clarity on roles’. Is this the ‘clarity’ which, if I understand one of his earlier posts, his grandfather died to give him the right not to give ? Or something ?

  7. Dennis The Peasant

    I wouldn’t get too carried away with the idea that anyone at TJN had the brains to figure out just how witless and misinformed RM actually is. I suspect his leaving probably has more to do with just how many people within TJN he pissed off on a personal level. Remember, RM is a nasty combination of intolerance, ignorance, stupidity and above all, arrogance. It couldn’t have been much fun to be around him… even before his ego got out of control.

  8. @ Dennis
    Before his ego got out of control he had as wife (#1) and a business where she earned a lot of money for him – so *she* must have thought it whatever an accountant regards as fun.

  9. Curiously Tim Newman’s blog has disappeared – maybe the high priest of sanctimony is conducting some kInd of anti-neoliberal internet warfare…

  10. Interesting exchange in his comments:

    Stephen Bills says: “Issues with funding?”
    Richard Murphy says: “Yes, funders wanting clarity on roles”

    That sounds like Murphy been using his TJN role to award well-funded contracts to his Tax Research LLP and the funders have got cheesed off about it?

  11. Also note his remarks about splitting the campaigning activities from the research. Were they trying for charitable status for the research side?

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