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Indeedy, big business just loves regulation.

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  1. Because we just know, don’t we, that if the UK wasn’t suffering under the oppression of Brussels regulation it would be a free, sunlit upland of deregulated business freedom, wouldn’t it. There’s no chance it would have it’s own government imposing oppressive regulation all of its own, and employing an army of little Hitlers to enforce every last iota of gold-plated legislation with an activist zeal that the Brussels regulation is rarely enforced on the continent.

    That would never happen.

  2. Certainly James, but at least then England would look clearly like the sorry little jobsworth society it is, sticking out like a sore thumb among freer economies.

    I’ve often argued that the primary reason to get BRitain out of the EU, and the anglosphere out of tranzi orgs altogether, is to protect everybody else from us; or particularly from the ideology of our ruling class.These organisations are the primary vehicles for the internationalisation of Progressivism.

  3. This is spot on.

    Actually, it’s not just big business. The unions like big business too, where they still have lots of members, whereas they have little to no representation within the SMEs.

    Result is that we have the EU, big business, and the unions all pursuing essentially the same highly regulatory and protective agenda, effectively restraining both SMEs and just as crucially the individuals and innovators that might otherwise look to take a risk, ie the life blood of an economy.

    We see it also increasingly with the PSL strategy (especially in the public sector), which often blatantly discriminates against smaller suppliers in favour of a small number of larger businesses in any sector. This forces smaller suppliers to go through large businesses (losing margin on the way) simply to have access to the public sector.

    James, you are right. For the EU, read also our own civil service, they are just as bad. Unlike in other EU countries, our civil service actually manage to gold plate a lot of the EU nonsense.

  4. Let’s all shout out for small business, BUT there is no inherent virtue in small business. You’re not going to have small family oil companies. What matters is *growing* business, which is not quite the same.

    It’s not big business that restricts, say, competition to Italian taxi firms, or Greek pharmacists, but lots of small operators. And who doesn’t like Tim’s favourite co, Amazon? Small independent book shops.

  5. Offshore Observer

    James V, you are absolutely right, that is the political fallacy that is the in/out referendum. At present the guvvmint can blame brussels for regulations which it would probably have to impose anyway. Health and Saftey regulation exists in Australia and they aint in the EU. So at present the guvmint has a handy scapegoat it can blame for it doing stuff it was going to probably do anyway.

    So from the guvmints view it is quite handy having brussels to blame. What is thier incentive for leaving?

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