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Praisin’ dem supermarket tings

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  1. I’m frankly enormously disappointed that Tim keeps posting about all these trivial matters and boring economics things, while the West falls headlong into a political crisis on both sides of the Atlantic. Elsewhere on the internet, we’re locked in debate as to the correct response and analysing the video evidence and trying to decide how far is too far. Mr Cameron has cut short his holiday, Mr Obama has been dragged off the golf course, Parliament is being recaled and still silence from TIm about the biggest issue of our time.

    Where’s the Miley Cyrus Twerking post, Tim?

    Tim adds: What is this twerking?

    A popular beat combo M’Lud

  2. And it’s those five agents who are the ones opposing the entry of international supermarkets into India. They know the game is up as soon as Tesco or Walmart lands, and they stand to lose everything. Their joined in their opposition by dimwit lefties in the west who claim to be looking after the interests of the poor farmer – who stands to gain from the entry of supermarkets – who is currently being shafted by the agents.

  3. So we shoot Syria (or twerk them, or whatever) because of what’s probably a false-flag attack anyway. Bascially because Obameron haven’t yet got to pull their own trigger, instead of cleaning up their predecessors’ mess.

    What’s so special about chemical weapons anyway? Presumably it would have been quite fine to go and bomb thousands of civilians to death because that’s not chemical biological or nuclear.

  4. There were, and still are, perfectly good networks for distributing vegetables fruit, flowers food etc without supermarkets. Where do you think street markets get the stuff from?

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