Well, yes, obviously

But the point is obvious. He’s nakedly gerrymandering the system to secure votes.

This is what politicians do. Which is why the Courageous State is such a bad idea of course. It\’ll be implemented by vile little shits out to buy votes.

8 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. And with his sharp eye for all things statistical, Ritchie has been very aware of the current gerrymandered constituency boundaries and there are countless posts about it on his blog. Oh, except there aren’t, I wonder why.

    Gerrymandering is a form of fixing the rules to suit one side. Another example would be setting a moveable ‘moderation’ policy to prevent oneself being humiliated by more knowledgable people. Hello again Richard, we know you’re reading this.

  2. “Little shits out to buy votes” would be a good result for the Courageous state.
    Tens of millions murdered, tortured and imprisoned by socialist state-sucking scum is far the more likely outcome.

  3. This is ever the problem with “democracy” as we have enacted it. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest, and the politicians are not motivated by what’s best for the country or what’s best for their constituents, but by what is most likely to get them voted back in.

    There are some great ideas in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Heinlein. I did put down a few thoughts on the matter back in 2010, which could probably do with updating.

  4. @Martin Davies: I probably shouldn’t give people ideas. After reading that, most politicians would likely ignore the political reform ideas and just focus on the idea of charging people for the air they breathe :S

  5. Its the sign of a politician, they can read something and pick up a single point they then run with even if its really a bad idea.

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