You might like this one

Greenpeace tries to have an argument with me.

Greenpeace does not win.

6 thoughts on “You might like this one”

  1. “2-4% is the effect on EU gas prices of fracking Lancashire. Not the effect of global fracking on gas prices in Lancs”?

    Reads much better as………..

    2-4% is not what fracking the planet will do to Lancashire gas prices. It is what fracking Lancashire will do to EU gas prices.

  2. As a perennial bear I never fill the tank but look for deals.
    I notice that prices change (even after the tampon effect of taxes) by as much as 2 or 3% WEEKLY.

    So HTF do these guys reach such a confident conclusion for years out about 4%, given the usual inaccuracies about supply curve elasticity, political uncertainty, etc.?

  3. No, bored me silly. How many times did you repeat yourself in that article?

    I lost interest after about the third repetition.

    How did it end?

  4. It’s a good author’s rule: If you feel exceptionally pleased with something you’ve written, get somebody else to appraise it critically before you go all smug about it.

  5. It was a twatterspit* not a takedown.

    * twatterspit, n. An internet car crash resembling, yet not even as good as, a twitterspat.

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